Finished with honors

Yesterday was the recognition day of my nephew.  The day that we all are waiting for especially his parents.  His teacher told me that the nephew has an award.  The nephew’s parents took a day off to be with him on his recognition day.  I must say they are proud parents.  The nephew finished with honors plus four (4) more merits for doing well at school.  I am so proud of the nephew because I did not expect that he really did well.  Well, he has good scores in every examinations but not expecting that he is good in class participation too.

I will like to extend my congratulations to my nephew for the job well done.  Long way to go and I am sure that you have a bright future.  Keep up the good works and continue doing well at school.  Next school year will be another challenge for you.  I pray that you really pass the entrance examination in the new school that you mother wanted you to study.  Anyways, because of the awards that the nephew got, his mother bought him new toys as a reward.  And he is the happiest kid I have ever seen on that day seeing the gifts he got from his mom.  Again, Congratulations nephew!

Finished with honors

Two days ago was the recognition day of the nieces.  We went there to witness the event because the girls finished with honors.  Oh yeah! They made it again this year.  We thought they will never make it because their examination results are not impressing.  But still the girls are making us proud again.  We were so happy for the girls’ achievements.  I am so proud of the girls because they made it on their own.  They really excel in their respective level.   Seeing the girls climbing on the stage and receiving their awards/ribbons, brings back the time when I was on the stage and accepting my awards.  Oh well, just sharing.

Anyways, as the sister and I rewards to the girls I treat them with sumptuous lunch at the mall.  We also let them play to their favorite play house.  I can say that they have a wonderful day playing at the playhouse.  They deserved it because of the achievements they got.  They really make us so proud.   Thank you girls for making us so proud of you once again.  Way to go and I know you two can do it next school year and for the coming years.  Good Job and Congratulations!

The proud father


The photo above is my older brother with his daughter.  His daughter got with honors award on their recognition day earlier.  He is the proud father  I must say because of her daughter’s achievement the fact that she was new to the school.  She transferred to new school for financial reason.  Being new to the school is challenge to them because it is a public school.  Too different from their previous school.  The niece is a bit shy and I thought she would not make it.  But she proved us wrong because she finished with honors.  Congratulations Ella, we are all proud of you.