She is now a license teacher

Months ago, a friend of mine is so depressed because she did not able to pass the examination to become a license teacher.  She has a tone of disappointed and wanted to give up her dreams.  As a friend, I always gives the positive side of every thing, how lucky she is and not to give up.  I also told her that giving up means failure.  In life there are things that is not so easy to have and get.  Our patience and determination are test because we are going to meet several trials and difficulties along the way.  Sometimes it discourage us to continue moving, but if we look at it, failures do make us a better and wiser person.

After second try, the friend did passed the examination.  She is now a license teacher. I am so happy, and proud of her because of the courage, hard work and prayers are answered after seeing the positive result of the examination for teacher.  Indeed quitter never wins and the friend of mine proved that.  The result came out few days before her birthday.  It is a wonderful gift that God has given to her on her birthday.  Double celebration so to speak.

To be a license teacher is one of her goals in life after finishing her educational degree.  She is a single mother and all her dreams are dedicated to her one and only son.  To give her son a decent and good life in the future is one of her priorities in life.  I have seen her struggles a lot and I am so proud of her because she is able to surpass all the trials and challenges of being a single parent.  She has been very busy reviewing all her lessons in preparation for the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

After months of waiting and preparing herself, she is now ready for the examination.  And today is the day all aspiring teachers are waiting for.  I can sense the mixed emotions of my friend and I understand her because my sister has the same emotions back when she was about to take the examination for teachers.  I pray and wish her all the best of luck to those who take the examination.

This LET is very important to those aspiring to be a licensed teacher, so that they can practice their teaching skills and can share their knowledge to young ones.  It is an advantage if they pass the examination for they can get a job easily.  Good to the examinees and I pray you will pass the examination especially to my friend.  You can do it Ading..go go go!

Making her way

Today is a bit busy day for me because we went to the place of my cousin.  They are having a feast and we were invited.  I went there with my brother and the four kids.  It is a good feeling to meet some of my relatives again.  We haven’t seen each other for a while and haven’t heard some updates of their life.  It’s not that I am minding their business just that it is a good feeling to share and do a little chit chat of our lives.

I am so surprised because the daughter of my cousin is now a teacher.  Yes, she did passed the examination and she is now a licensed teacher.   I can see the face of a proud mother my cousin is.  She is so happy and proud to her daughter making her way.  I congratulate her and wish her all the success in life.  I must say this is an answered prayer because her mother wanted her to become a successful one to help the family financially.  Long way to go and God bless always.