Missed the ring of my late mother

When my mother passed away, my father gave to my sister the only ring that my late mother have.  It is a ring given to her by my late grandmother.  I feel so jealous because I want to have the ring too but my father give it to my older sister.  I am a bit angry to my sister but realized that it is not her fault.  I just wish that I was born before her so I can have the ring of my mother.  Unfortunately, the ring was lost.  It was slipped in my sister’s finger.  We tried it to find but we are not able too.  Anyways, the rings that I saw from this site reminds me of the mother’s ring that was lost.  I saw one that is similar to my mother’s ring.  Seeing the same ring makes me missed the ring of my late mother.  If I have extra I would surely by the ring for myself.

Remembering mom’s birthday

Today is my mother’s birthday. If she is still alive, she is 66th years old now. I so missed my mother very much. Every year we do celebrate her birthday. We are visiting her grave; bring flowers, candle, and foods. Also , we offered a prayer for her. We usually visit her together but today father and two brothers will not be going. My father’s condition is not good; he can’t stand longer and can’t walk longer. The other brother is working and the younger brother is living very far from us. Though they are not going with us, I am pretty sure that my mom is very happy up there because her five grandchildren are visiting her.

Just like the previous years, we will have simple dinner at home. We prepare a plate for her, with her favorite foods. That is how we celebrate and remember mom on her birthday. How we wish she is with us, eating with us and laughing with us. It would be a perfect celebration if she is with us because we will be celebrating her birthday and mother’s day. Anyways, happy birthday mother thanks for the memories. Wherever you are, know that you are always remembered and loved by us.

Visiting the mother’s grave

November 1 and 2 are the days where people commemorates the All Saints and All Souls day.  People will go visit their love ones who passed away.  And yesterday we visited the mother’s grave.  Like the usual, we bring foods at the cemetery and eat lunch there.  Having lunch in front of the mother’s grave, feels like we are having lunch with her.  Offered prayers and lightning candles.  I am pretty sure that my mother is happy wherever she is seeing the whole family spend half day there.  Also, some relatives came to visit her grave and the mother’s younger sister.  These days are one of the memorable days to me because we get to spend time with the mother.  Though her presence is not there, her spirit and love is with us.

Before the sunsets, we left the cemetery.  While walking, the brother and his girlfriend suggested to go to the mall.  It was a nice idea though since the family seldom go to the mall together.  Perfect bonding for the whole family I must say.  We had our dinner at the mall.  Of course the brother and his girlfriend’s treat.  Having dinner at the mall with the whole family is a memorable one.  The brother and his girlfriend do treat the family every time they are at the city.  The family appreciate it a lot and so touched with this gesture.  Every time they are in the city, they see to it that they give some time with the family.  Showing that they care and value the family.  Thanks to both of you for the  treat.  May God bless you always!

He wants her to carry him

After the sister learns that she is pregnant, she seldom carry her one year old son because he is a bit heavy.  I can attest to that.  Sometimes I get so tired carrying him at home or every time we went to the mall or go out.  The sister is refraining herself from carrying her son because her condition is not good.  She feels like fainting sometimes, vomiting and sometimes her abdomen is aching.  She went to the OB and told the OB about the abdomen pain.  She was told that her womb is contracting and it is not good for her is she carries heavy things.  If possible she would get lots of rest for the first trimester.  After that, her condition will be better.

Every time the sister gets home from work, her son is very much excited.  He is like running around the house, smiling and even crawling on the floor.  I can really tell that he really misses his mother.  Unfortunately, his mother cannot carry him like she used to do before she got pregnant.  She just give her son a hug and kisses.  But seems like he is not contented with that because he wants his mother to carry him.  The sister will just said that she cannot carry him for now.  And because he is young and cannot understand , he just cry aloud.  Poor littler baby.  I wish he is old enough to understand.  I just carried on his mother’s behalf. haha! Just wait for few more weeks JC and your mother will carry you.

Don’t forget to look back

I remember when the mother announced to the people she knows and to the relatives how proud she is.  She is so proud because with all the challenges and trials in life, still she is able to send her kids to school because she wants them to become a successful one in the future.  The mother sacrifices many things just to make sure her kids are okay.  She is the kind of mother that every child would ask for.  I can tell that her kids are so lucky to have a mother like her.

Because of the sacrifices her body becomes weak and needs someone to take good care of her, no one is willing to give it to her even the love from her family.  Her eldest daughter who is now a teacher, doesn’t even appreciate the sacrifices of her mother back when she was still studying.  Now that she is already professional and can support herself, she doesn’t want to look back and give recognition to the person who is responsible for her success.  She evens said, her mother doesn’t help her at all.  After hearing it, I felt angry to her daughter.  The never of her to say it.  I want to slap her but opted not to because it is none of my business.  The mother just cried and chose not to speak.

To her daughter, if you have time examine yourself and look at yourself without the mother on your side.  No matter how successful you are, you will never be happy because you forgot to look  back and give thanks to the person who helps  you.  Remember ” NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”.