Congratulations and best wishes

Last Sunday, I was invited to the wedding of my friend.  I am happy because I will get to see her and our other friends.  It has been four months since the last time we see each other.  Though we communicate each other regularly through social media or sending the message on phone.  But still, it is best to see each other, talking and laughing.  When we are together we laugh a lot.  The thing that I missed a lot.  It was an abrupt invitation, luckily, we are all free on that day.  We do not want to miss this once in a lifetime moment of our friend.

The reception is at the house of the newlyweds.  It was a simple celebration, the typical celebration in the province and it is nice.  Indeed, simple wedding is very comfortable it is like you are in your home.  And memorable because of the guests and visitors who came to celebrate with the couple.  It was an abrupt wedding and time is limited but in all fairness, it went well.  After the wedding, they will proceed with their application for Japan.  That is why they plan the wedding in a short time.  Hopefully, their plans will fall into places and their plans to go and work in Japan will come true soon.  Again, congratulations and best wishes to my friend and her husband.

It is an answered prayer

My brother and his fiancée are living together for almost two years now.  They have agreed that they will get married only when she gets pregnant so that when they will not be blessed with kid/s they won’t blame each other.  I do not like their set up because to me if you love the person you do not have put any condition.  You will be with each other no matter what and will love each other until you both grow old.  But I do respect their set up, though.  They are at the right age and for sure knows what kind of set up they have.

I always want my brother to be happy forever with the woman he loves.  But I am worried that they will end their relationship because they do not have kids.  I never lose hope, though, I always prayed that they will be blessed with kid/s soon.  Their relationship will be stronger if they have a child.  Also, I want my brother to get married so I always pray to God to blessed them with an angel.  Indeed, prayer is powerful because now the fiancée of my brother is five weeks pregnant.  They are so happy with this wonderful blessings.  It is an answered prayer and I am so happy for them.  Soon, we are going to talk about their wedding.  I am so excited and happy for them.  Congratulations to my brother and to my future sister-in-law.

So happy for my brother

My older brother has finally found the woman of his dreams.  The woman that would love him for him and want to spend the rest of her life with him.  We have met the girl and she is very nice.  I am so happy for my brother.  I never thought that he would finally meet someone.  I thought he gave up after multiple failures.  I mean, we have talked about it and he said that he is preparing himself to grow old alone.  Well, he is hurt of the failure relationships that he had.  And I am glad that he has moved on and now getting ready to have a family of his own.

As of the moment they are living together as they are saving for the big day, their wedding day.  The wedding day is not yet decided because they have to save first.  I can see that my brother is very happy now.  I can see his glowing look.  I wish him all the best in life and happy married life.  I am excited of their wedding day, I do hope that they will plan sooner, next year maybe.haha!  Pardon me, I am just very excited for him.  Even though I am a bit sad because they leave me alone.  My four siblings are enjoying their married life and me is still single.  I hope and pray that God will send/give me the man for me.