Have to bring home presents

Before, every time I go out of the house I always bring the kids with me because no one will look after them.  My father does not want me to leave the kids to him because he said he can’t take a nap, which I understand because the kids are so noisy and messy.  This is the reason I seldom go out to meet with friends because no one will look after the kids.  But now that the two girls are old enough to look after their younger brother, I can go out and have fun meeting with my friends.  I enjoyed my life now because I do not have to think of the kids anymore.

I am glad that I can go out when I want to especially during weekend because the nieces will look after their brother, but there is a problem arises.  The girls agreed to look after their younger brother provided that I will bring presents for them when I get back home.  Arghs!    Well, it is better than to bring them with me.  I am happy then I can go out without them, but sad because I have to make sure I have something to give to them when I get back home.  It is an expenses but it is ok because kids are kids.

Give me a break

I just got home yesterday morning from long travel all the way from Bohol to Davao (Philippines).  I wanted to take some rest and more time to sleep after hours of travel.  However, I was not able to take a good rest because I have to attend two kids of my siblings.  I have to keep myself awake while the kids are awake and I am so tired.  Good thing it is weekend and I can have rest because someone will look after the kids.

I woke up early today because I have lots of laundry to do.  I need to start early to finish early because I have an appointment to go to the mall to meet a friend.  But sad to say I might not able to go out today because no one will look for the kids.  That someone that supposed to look after the kids has her appointment and gone early.

I was doing my laundry while the kids are playing.  They are fine at first but after a few minutes of playing they are fighting.arghs!  Gosh, give me a break! How can I finish early if I am going here and there from time to time?  How I wish my brother and father will help me in looking after the kids while I am doing the laundry.  Good luck to me and I hope I finish on time.


Nowadays, floods are frequently occurs here in my country due to heavy rain.  Floods that caused the water pipes breaks and have stain.  It is not that safe to drink water directly from the faucet especially to kids who are easily got infected my amoeba disease.  In this reason we are encourage to buy mineral water or bring water from the faucet boiled first before drinking.  It is right to think of our health first because it is not easy when we get sick.

I saw this water dispenser when I visited my nieces at school.  I am glad that the school if providing this for the safety of the student when they drink water.  We do not have water dispenser at home but we do boiled water for the kids to drink.

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Smiling Sally