Due to water interruption

Yesterday, I woke up early because I am planning to do my laundry.  I have load of laundry again because I did not able to finish it because my sister gave birth and I am assisting her.  So I have loads of laundry to do after I got home.  I woke up early so I finish early too only to find out that there is no water.  Yes, we have water interruption yesterday.  I am angry because there is no notice that there will be a water interruption.  It ruined my day yesterday I must say.  I did not fill our container with water.

I got bored waiting for the water to come back but it did not.  It was 3:00 in the after and still no water.  Since I can’t do my laundry I have to do something to make my day fruitful.  I am looking at the four corners of our home and think of something to do.  Then I decided to clean my room.  It’s not that dirty, just that I think I need to make some changes in my room.  While cleaning, I noticed that the closet and the drawer is messy.  Well, my nephews and nieces doings because they like to stay in my room.  My day yesterday went fruitful, it is like making something out of nothing.  In a way I am thankful to water interruption.  Now my room is less messy.

Home sweet home

After nine (9) days of vacation in the province of my parents now I am back.  I am missing home.  I missed everyone at home especially my bed, my room, my pillows, everything.  Every time I am away these are the things that I so missed, especially my bed.  At the province I sleep on the floor.  When I lay down, I think of my queen size bed back home.LOL  I am not complaining, I am just saying.haha!  I am glad now that I am home.  When I arrived, I took a lot of sleep because I was not able to sleep well at the bus and at the vessel.

The was so tiring but worth it because I am able to rest well away from the busy city.  I am able to be with nature more.  Indeed life at the province is simple but fun.  And there is peace and quiet.  I did go to beach, which I like the most.  I did not mind the hot weather and heat of the sun because I am having fun swimming.  I am enjoying the white sand beach at the province.  The vacation is over.  I am back to the city life.  And happy to be back home.  My home sweet home.  Hoping to be back again at the province with the family.

It’s nice to be back home

After 13 hours of travel, I am glad we are finally home.  I missed home very much even if I am just away for five days.   I did not have a good night sleep at my aunt’s place because I missed my bed, pillows and blanket.  It was a tiring travel but fun because I get to meet new people and can be friends too.  I really wanted to be back home soon for me to forget totally the lost of my phone.  No matter how much I tried to forget it, still my mind still remembering it.  It’s hard to accept that someone close to you stole your things.  I learned from what had happened and told myself never trust to people nowadays even if you are very close.

Well, past is past and I have to bury the hatchet.  Now that I ma home, I have to start a happy beginning, think of the positive things and go on with life.  Earn and save to replace what had lost.  Indeed there is no place likes home and I am glad I am home.  It’s a good feeling to lay down in a comfy bed rather than on floor.  And also, I can now does my online stuffs regularly again because internet connection at my parent’s province is very slow.  Back in doing online tasks and forget bad thing happens.