My new pet

It has been three years since I lost my first ever pet.  I named my first dog Jasper.  He was a very lovely dog but for some reason, I have to decide what is best for him.  It was a very difficult decision to make because Jasper is part of the family.  He is with the family for eight years.  After losing Jasper, I never thought of getting another pet because I do not want to experience the same problem and force to make a very difficult decision.  A friend asked me If I want a poodle two years ago but I said no.

Two months ago, the same friend asked me if I want a dog.  And I said yes!  I want a new dog to pet in the house.  Having pet is a good stress reliever.  Two weeks ago, she gave to me the dog that she promised.  I named him Almond.  Almond because his mother is Hershey.  They are family of chocolates.LOL  My Almond is mixed breed of Dutchan and Japanese Pitch.  Very cute puppy and playful.  I hope that this puppy will stay longer with us and no serious problem that will make me decide to giving him up like what I did to Jasper.

Basic Training and Tricks

If you dream of your pet being the next winner of Britain’s Got Talent or the next face of Felix or Viovet then you better polish up your tap shoes and start practicing some tricks.

 photo training_zpsecb7e3e8.png

Some animals are smarter than others and some breeds naturally take better to learning then others so if you are choosing a pet because you want a pet to perform then do your research and choose an animal that is willing to learn.  Dogs that were originally breed for hunting are a great breed to choose as they have a natural ability to learn and pick tricks up quickly.  Retrievers, Setters and Spaniels are gun dogs which makes them smart and naturally able to learn tricks quickly.

Dogs respond well to reward and praise.  If you lavish a dog with attention (be it negative or positive) they will do the behaviour again to receive the attention so one of the best tools in training dogs is to reward good  behaviour and where possible ignore the bad behaviour. As an added incentive you can offer food as an extra reward.

Training your dog to dance like the Britain’s Got Talent winner is a long and hard task which will take a lot of time and patience.  If you have plenty of both then go for it but if you are looking for your dog to just perform some basic tricks, perhaps enough to get them a TV commercial, then here are some training tips.

The Basics. Always start with the basics and work your way up, basics include sit, stay, heel, come to me and retrieve.  Dogs learn by repetition so be prepared to do the same thing again and again. Always use the same command word so you do not confuse your dog and use an upbeat tone. A good way to teach a dog to sit is to hold some food over their head and in order to see it they will sit down.  As you are holding the food Royal Canin food is very tasty to most dogs so makes a good reward to try) say sit and as they sit reward them with the food and plenty of praise.  Always get the dog to do the action you are teaching, say the command then reward.

Once basics are mastered you can move onto more adventurous things such as giving paws, rolling over and begging on back legs.  Again food is a great incentive; Royal Canin dog food is a tasty and nutritious kibble which is perfect for training.  If training a cat try Royal Canin Cat food as a reward for correct behaviour.

Free Anti-Rabies Vaccination

Because of several cases about people who were died because of rabies due to biting by a dog, our city government conducting a free anti-rabies vaccination for dogs.  Not all dog owners can afford to have their pets to have vaccination because it is a bit expensive.  That is why free vaccination is being held for our protection just in case a dog will bite us.  It is a good opportunity to all dog owners.

Early this morning, someone is knocking our door letting us know that there will be a free anti-rabies vaccination here in our village.  A rare opportunity that is why I won’t let it slipped away.  As a responsible dog owner, I have to bring my dog there to have his first vaccination.  Bringing my dog at the center is too difficult for me because I am like playing tug of war.  Yes, my dog is a bit heavy and very strong.  He can easily pull and escape from me if I don’t use both my hands to hold the chain.  Luckily I manage to bring my dog at the center and have his first vaccination ever.  We are happy now because we are sure that my dog is safe if ever he got carried away from playing.:-)

Thanks very much to our city government for this.