The Love Month: Who is going to be my date?

First month of the year just bid goodbye. Here comes the month of February a.k.a the love month. I must say love is in the air this month because of Valentine’s Day, the day where lovers and couples are waiting for. I expect more heart stuffs, red stuffs, flowers, etc… display in the malls, stores, shops. And I hope to receive one this Well, my Valentine’s day last year is not bad at all because I did have a dinner date with my friend.   My dearest friend Ada. We have been friends for more than a decade. And celebrating V’day with her is memorable. It is also our first time celebrates V’day together.

Anyways, I am looking forward to have dinner date again with my friend Ada this Valentine’s day. However, I got a message from her saying that she will be out-of-town for a month and she will be back on March. She is very busy at school. I felt sad because my only date is not available. Who will be my date? This is the question that enters my mind after reading Ada’s message to me. I hope there is someone there who would ask me for a date.LOL Well, I am used to celebrates V’day at home with the kids. They are my date this year. I will be spending this love month with the kids. But, I am still praying and hoping for a great surprise on V’day.

I have a date on Valentine’s day

Ever since during Valentine’s day, my date is my sister always.  But it stops when she got married.  She got married four years ago.  To sum it up, I never been out for three consecutive Valentine’s day because no one bothers to invite or go with me. Haha!  This year, I want to make a change. I want to go out, unwind, enjoy the busy city and have fun.  I am thinking of whom to invite.  I asked the closest neighbor, however she has a date with her bf.  Too bad!  I am thinking of bringing my nieces to watch movie instead, but they are too young and the movie that I like to watch is not right at their age.

My last option is my college friend.  She is working far from the city and very busy, but still I tried to ask her.  Luckily, she said yes.  In fact, she is thinking of inviting me too.  Woohoo! I have a date on Valentine’s day.  We tried to contact some of college friends too.  Only one responded to us.  We will try to ask again the other two so our date would be more fun.  Even though, we do not have someone special, still we can celebrate and have a date on V-day.  See you friends.

Cancelled Date

The last time we saw each other was two months ago when she gave birth to her first baby.  She has been the hands on mother for two months already.  We just exchanging messages online since time won’t let us see each other.  She is busy and so am I.  I was surprised last night after see message me saying can we meet at the mall today.  I immediately said yes to her because I missed seeing my best friend and also wanted to see her baby.  All is set and agreed us by where, when and what time we going to meet.  We call it a date.

I woke up with the smile on my face because I am so excited to see her and the baby.   My excitement mood was change after hearing that my nephew has fever.arghs!  I won’t be able to come and meet my friend with the condition of my nephew.  I went online to message my friend that I have to cancel the date.  Good thing is that she also online and waiting for me to come online.  I was about to tell her when she message me first that she can’t go because her in-laws are visiting her and the baby.  I said, thanks God after reading her message.  Indeed expect the unexpected.  We both cancelled our date and promised to set it some other time.