He died peacefully

My cousin is suffering from serious illness for the past years.  Even so, he never let his family know of the pain he felt inside.  He is able to hide it perfectly.  It is because he doesn’t want his family to worry too much.  If you were to look at him, if you feel sorry for him because he looks really sickly.  But he still manages to smile and make himself feel okay even if it is not.  For the past weeks he is acting really strange.  And when they asked him, he will say he is okay, he just can’t sleep.  I guess he is really in pain.  Until one day he asked his sister to bring him to the hospital because he can’t take it anymore.

When advice to be admitted at the hospital, he refuses.  Instead, he wants to go home and be with his family.  He also said that he is dying.  Hearing him saying that he is dying makes his family cried.  They don’t want him to give up but he just did.  He said, he is surrendering his life to God.  He accepted his fate and death.  How brave my cousin is.  For the remaining days and hours of his life, he is able to say sorry and thank you to his sisters, brothers and mother.  It was really a heart breaking scene for his family.  They were all crying looking at him fighting for his life.  He indeed died peacefully I must say because he is able to say sorry and thank you to his family.  Also, he told them to not cry and worry for he is fine.

May you rest in peace

The cousin who is a cancer patient died four days ago and today is her burial.  It is very sad to know that she died leaving her four kids and a husband who does not care.  Even though she wanted to live but the way her family treated her, gives her the reason not to go on with life.  The cousin is a good wife and a mother to her kids, but her family does not appreciate her sacrifices.  And now that she is gone, I pray for her soul to leave in peace.

As we witness her burial today, I cry because I can feel that she is in peace with the Lord.  Smiley   She is now free from pain because of her illness and pain that her family caused.  The cousin is now with the Lord and now live in peace where peace, happiness and glory reigns.  No more pain, sadness and tears to shed.  May you live in peace and be happy wherever you are right now.


Feel sorry for my cousin

Two years ago, my cousin was diagnosed of a bone cancer.  We felt sorry for her because she is too young to die.  Well, as we all know cancer is a silent killer.  She has an operation last year because her kidney was damaged and should be removed immediately.  We are happy after the successful operation but she has to undergo chemotherapy to continue the treatment.  Sad to say, her family did not want to spend money for chemotherapy.  They just bought medicine for pain reliever which is not right.  The other relatives wanted to help but her husband does not want it.  Sad but we have to respect the decision of her husband.

Last Saturday the cousin was brought to the hospital for she is having some hard time to breathe.  We visited her today and I felt so sorry for her situation.  She is so thin and cannot breath clearly.  We also know that there is lump found on her lungs and the doctor said that there is nothing more we could do for another operation might kill her right away.  I know that everything happens for a  reason but sometimes our decision affects our life.  And this is what happens to my cousin.  Her husband decision not to accept any help brought my cousin into this very difficult condition.  Being angry won’t make the life of my cousin better.  All we have to do right now is to pray for her because that is what she needed right now. Smiley


Fulfilling her Dreams

After being ousted in the company that she is working for five years is never easy.  She was suspected by the management of doing things which she did not is too much to handle.  She tried to fight for her rights and fight for the truth but she fails.  All she has left was tears and the feeling of being stripped off.   It took her months of trying to pick up the pieces that caused by what is happening in her life.  It is too much to handle but she did not fail to call God’s guidance and asked God for more strength to be able to fight back and move on.

Her faith to God made her move on and continue her journey for a better future.  I can say that she is very brave to overcome it all even without the help her family.  Trying to find a job here and abroad until she finally gets one.  She never lost hope until a door opens for her.  Another door to work in a foreign land.  Her dreams are slowly come into reality.  She is very blessed I must say because instead of giving up, she continue moving on and keeping the faith.  I am so happy seeing her smiling right now.  She is now reaping the fruit of her labor and sacrifices.  Way to go cousin and more blessings to come.