Great trucking navigator

The dream of owning a car one day is still there even though we failed four times in a row.  We just thought that it is not the right time and the car that we plan to buy is not really for us.  It is sad and disappointing because it does kill our excitement after we learned that the car is already sold.  sigh!  We just look at the bright of it so that it is not so painful.  We will not give up, we still try to look and find a car for the family.  And if having a car will realized, I will enrolled at driving lesson class for me to learn and eventually be able to drive our car since the father is a bit old.  I will be the family’s driver in that case.  And so for me to not get lost while driving and always on the right path, I will use great trucking navigator like garmin truck gps.  This navigator does not only tells the direction where am I going but also tells alerts about traffic, road constructions and other incidents on the road.  Great devices isn’t it?  Oh gosh, I do hope we would buy our own car soon.

Falls Alarmed

A family friend came here in the house three days ago. He told my father about the car he saw that is for sale.  It is in good condition, and the prize is so perfect for the budget.  We need to have a car for the family to start on their own business that is why we keep on looking for the good car to buy.  After hearing the good news from a friend, the family discuss about the car decided to look at it the following day.  The brother went to see the car personally and have it check before the final decision. The family comes up with the same decision to buy the said car.  

I am praying that this time we are able to buy the car of our dreams.  But same as before, it was a falls alarmed because the owner changes his mind.  It is too bad that we are always in this kind of situation.  Indeed, our patience is being tested.  I am glad that the family has lots of patience in our hearts. J  I hope that soon  the family will have the car soon for the business to run.  Crossing our fringer again, hoping that we will have the car that we wanted to buy for the business to run soon.  And I pray the no more falls alarmed to be

Not meant to be

For the second time around, we failed to have the car that we wanted to buy for the family.  The first one was the owner changed his mind not to sale his car.  And the latest news, the car was already sold.grrr!  This is twice in a row that the excitement of the family turned into disappointment.  We really wanted to buy the car to start our own business but the car is avoiding us.

Today is the schedule of my BIL and my father to talk to the owner regarding the for sale car.  But same as the first one, we did not get the car because it is already sold.  My father went home with the sad face again because we missed it.  The car was sold four days ago.  It is so unfortunate for the family.  There is nothing else that we can do but to accept that it is not meant to be. Our patience are being tested I must say because of what had happened.  But we will never give up and will continue looking for a car because we cannot start the business without a car.  I pray that we will get a car before this year ends so that early next year we can start the business.