Painful experience of the sister but still thankful

The sister is surprised when she found out that she is pregnant.  She is not expecting it to get pregnant because her youngest is just 11 months old.  It took two days to sink in her mind that she is expecting her fourth child.  The child is a blessing and she is thankful to God for another this but the sister is worried because she is not ready physically, mentally and financially.  Plus, her age is too risky to have another c-section operation.  I felt sad for my sister but at the same time happy and excited for another angel will be added to the family soon and will add happiness to us.

The sister confined in the hospital due to severe bleeding.  We are worried and praying that she is fine as well as the baby.  Unfortunately, because of miscarriage, the baby is gone.  The baby is just 5 weeks and 2 days.  It was a very sad and painful experience to my sister and the family.  The sister is crying because she lost her baby, and blaming herself.  I do not want her to feel guilty so I have comforted her and telling her that the baby is not meant for them.  God plan is better than our plan.  God hears her worries that another pregnancy is too risky for her.  Even if it is too painful to her, the sister accepted what happened and still thankful to God for it.  What had happened is very painful to her but thankful to God.  God loves her that much no matter how sad and painful it is.

Expecting another angel

It is my sister’s wish to have another baby, baby girl to be exact.  She has two sons already and she thought of having a baby girl, the princess in the family since she is the queen.  I also told her to have a baby girl because it would be nice to have baby girl in the family.  Because she really wanted to have a baby girl, she consulted an obegyne to ask for a way on how to make a baby girl.  I find it funny but I hope that it will work out because I want her to have a baby girl.

After months of trying, the sister is finally pregnant on their third baby.  A blessing from up above.  I am so happy for her.  She is claiming it is a baby girl this time.  Yes, we are claiming it.  The little angel it two months old already.  I am so excited for her.  I really missed having a baby at home.  Now I understand why the sister is nagging at me lately, it seems like she always wakes up in the wrong side of the bed.  When she told me last week that she is expecting their third angel, I am so happy.  I pray that the little angel is a girl.  Hopefully she can use the name of the baby girl that she is preparing since her first born.

Making her way

Today is a bit busy day for me because we went to the place of my cousin.  They are having a feast and we were invited.  I went there with my brother and the four kids.  It is a good feeling to meet some of my relatives again.  We haven’t seen each other for a while and haven’t heard some updates of their life.  It’s not that I am minding their business just that it is a good feeling to share and do a little chit chat of our lives.

I am so surprised because the daughter of my cousin is now a teacher.  Yes, she did passed the examination and she is now a licensed teacher.   I can see the face of a proud mother my cousin is.  She is so happy and proud to her daughter making her way.  I congratulate her and wish her all the success in life.  I must say this is an answered prayer because her mother wanted her to become a successful one to help the family financially.  Long way to go and God bless always.