The birthday girl

This is Ronna, my niece who turns nine today.  The eldest grandchild of my father and the cry baby.  haha!  I say she is a cry baby because she cries when she did not get what she wanted.  She cries when she commits mistakes and she cries when you said you will spank her.  I guess she has lots of tears to shed for nothing.  lol  Even so, she is still one of the family’s baby.  The one I used to carry and not almost turns into a lady.  Believe it or not, she loves to face the mirror, make her self presentable and always conscious of what she wears.  Though there are times the child in her comes out.

The family decided to celebrates her birthday at the pool as she requested.  Also we want it to be different this time, since there are four of them celebrating their birthday on the same month.  We used to celebrates her birthday at home.  So making changes this time is a good idea.  This chocolate cake is the birthday gift of my sister to her.  The birthday celebration was a blast.  The kids enjoyed the water in the pool and adults at the beach.

Happy Birthday Ronna! I wish you all the best in life, good health and be good girl always because you’re becoming a bratty.  whew!

Relaxing at the beach

I went to church alone this morning because I woke up alone and did not able join the family in the 6:00 AM mass.  The family decided to attend mass early because of our different appointments.  My brother and his family will be going to beach for the small gathering of their company.  The father will be attending an event in the church and my other brother will going to visit a friend.  I am left alone that is why I decided to go at my sister’s place to hang out.

After arriving at my sister’s place, she told me that they are going to beach too.  They want to unwind because of the very hot weather today.   It is so lonely to be alone that is why I decided to go with them.  It is the best place to unwind and relax indeed.  I did have a good time roaming around the beach and eating.  It is good to be away from the computer once in a while.  I seldom go out because I preferred to stay at home during Sunday to have some time to rest after a week of taking care of the kids.  I did have a wonderful day of rest today and went to the nice place where I could relax.

Blue Monday #37: The place to be


Every time I wanted to be alone, relax and be with nature I go to the beach.  This is a place to be for me to motivate and see the beauty of nature.  It is very relaxing seeing at the waves, the water, the people swimming, playing on the sand, the sound of the waves and the wind.

The photo above was captured by yours truly last two weeks ago when we went to the beach.  Isn’t it lovely looking at the water, waves and the sand? Happy Blue Monday everyone!

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