Hopefully one day

One item in my wish list is to experience snow and visit the Disneyland. It would be a dream come true when these two comes into reality. How? I do not know yet. But my hope and pray that one day I will have a short vacation to see snow and Disneyland. If this day comes, I will buy my stuffs at CozyWinters to keep me warm always. For my vacation to be enjoyable and more fun because I will for sure will not feel the cold weather.

She is an angel in disguise

Our short vacation at the province of my BIL in Trento, Agusan (Philippines) was a memorable one, memorable in the sense that we lost one of our bags. I was carrying three bags, the sister is carrying her two sons, the BIL is two big bags, and the babysitter is carrying three bags. I counted all the bags before we ride the bus that will bring us to the Trento terminal. When we arrived at the Trento terminal, we get all the bags that were put in the bag area. My focus is the three bags that I carried. I am counting all the bus while waiting for the BIL’s brother that will fetch us.

After 30 minutes of waiting, I noticed that one bag is missing. I asked the sister about the red bag that carried by his husband. One of our bags is still on the bus that is heading to Butuan. OMG! The sister’s and her husband’s clothes was there. We are arguing of how we are going to get our bag back, when the woman who is the passengers on the bus, told us that she has the mobile number of the bus driver. She seated beside the sister near the bus driver. The driver and she were talking while on the road and end up exchanging numbers. Good thing we have the same destination. I asked the number of the driver and tried calling it. The driver and I talking of how we are going to get our bag back. To make the story short, we are able to get our bag back. She is an angel in disguise I must say. Thanks to her.

Back to city life

I am so refresh after having my three days vacation at the province. I am glad that I am able to rest well and feel so relax from the busy city. It is good to be away for a while from the usual routine I done at home and online. I did not bring my laptop with me because the province is so remote and no internet connection available from my internet provider. I am a bit sad but a good way to relax from eyes from facing the computer and rest my fingers from typing.

Just this afternoon I got back home from my vacation. Back to city life now and my day would be busy again starting tomorrow. I have loads of laundry waiting for me in my basket, cleaning my closet and cleaning my messy room. Yes, I did have a good time at the province but after coming back home, lots of things to do. I started making up tonight from the days of absence in updating my blogs tonight. I so missed writing an update for my blogs. I am so far behind that is why I am making up tonight. Good luck to me because as of the moment I am so sleepy…sigh!