Dining out with the family

It has been a while since the last time I treated my family for dinner. I am having problems financially for the past months because my online kinds of stuff becoming slow. I preferred to save than to spend. It is not good to spend much when the income is very slow and low. I am in a panic a bit online blogging is my bread and butter. I do not know where to get money to pay my bills if then earning online will be gone. I even thought of finding a job in the city. Good thing my online earning/blogging is back to normal now. I can say it is back on track.

My online earning is back on track, I earned more than I expected. I have save some in my wallet. Because I have extra, I have thought of treating the family to dinner last weekend. We went to the wake of a family friend but before going there, I decided for us to have dinner first at our favorite fast food chain. It feels really good to be able to treat the family. Seeing them smiling and savoring their favorite meal is a joy in my heart. I am so happy that I am able to share to my family the earning I have online. Thanks to God for the blessings as always!

Thanks for the treat

Indeed an unplanned happenings are more memorable. I am saying this because last Sunday, the younger brother, his wife, and their son are in the city. We haven’t seen them for almost three months and we missed them. They sent message through phone that they are in the city. They want us to meet at the mall. The timing is perfect because on the same day, the older brother is asking my sister if they could use her credit card. They want to buy new shirt, blouse and pants for the niece graduation day. They do not have cash, so they asked favor from the sister.

We spent an hour at the mall, they treat us to dinner and having our chit-chat. After an hour, it is time to wave goodbye and till next time. They have to go home because it is getting late. They will have to travel for three hours by bus. Yes, you heard it right. They live very far from us that is why we seldom see each other. We are glad that even if it is a long travel, they still find time to visit us. We can’t afford to visit them because it is very costly if we travel at their place. Also, father is too old to travel and easily gets tired. Anyways, thanks brother, SIL and nephew for the visit and the dinner. God bless you more!

Good treats at Ineng’s Special Barbeque

 photo IMG_20141115_181832_zps46917197.jpg

I know this is a bit late because the treat of my college friend happens few weeks ago. But still I want to share it here because the experience was nice. I am saying nice because the foods at the local restaurant are really delicious. It was the memorable treat I must say because it has been almost a decade since the last time we saw each other. After our college graduation, we seldom saw each other because we are busy with our life, looking for jobs and finding our career after graduation. Also, it is a celebration of a friend’s passing the licensure examination for teachers. A new pace of her life and she wants to share it to us.

 photo treats_zpsbf28e666.png

It is my first time to be in Ineng’s Barbeque. Looking at their menu waters my mouth I must say. A friend told me that I can order anything I like because it’s her treat. Anyways, the photo I shared here are the images of the foods that I ordered. It tastes really nice. The pork barbeque is prefect, the java rice is nice, the sizzling liempo (pork belly) is awesome and the buko pandan is good (except for the broken glass.lol). All in all, the place is perfect. If you have time, go visit and experience their mouth-watering foods on the menu. *burp!

Visiting the mother’s grave

November 1 and 2 are the days where people commemorates the All Saints and All Souls day. People will go visit their love ones who passed away. And yesterday we visited the mother’s grave. Like the usual, we bring foods at the cemetery and eat lunch there. Having lunch in front of the mother’s grave, feels like we are having lunch with her. Offered prayers and lightning candles. I am pretty sure that my mother is happy wherever she is seeing the whole family spend half day there. Also, some relatives came to visit her grave and the mother’s younger sister. These days are one of the memorable days to me because we get to spend time with the mother. Though her presence is not there, her spirit and love is with us.

Before the sunsets, we left the cemetery. While walking, the brother and his girlfriend suggested to go to the mall. It was a nice idea though since the family seldom go to the mall together. Perfect bonding for the whole family I must say. We had our dinner at the mall. Of course the brother and his girlfriend’s treat. Having dinner at the mall with the whole family is a memorable one. The brother and his girlfriend do treat the family every time they are at the city. The family appreciate it a lot and so touched with this gesture. Every time they are in the city, they see to it that they give some time with the family. Showing that they care and value the family. Thanks to both of you for the treat. May God bless you always!