Dining out with the family

It has been a while since the last time I treated my family for dinner. I am having problems financially for the past months because my online kinds of stuff becoming slow. I preferred to save than to spend. It is not good to spend much when the income is very slow and low. I am in a panic a bit online blogging is my bread and butter. I do not know where to get money to pay my bills if then earning online will be gone. I even thought of finding a job in the city. Good thing my online earning/blogging is back to normal now. I can say it is back on track.

My online earning is back on track, I earned more than I expected. I have save some in my wallet. Because I have extra, I have thought of treating the family to dinner last weekend. We went to the wake of a family friend but before going there, I decided for us to have dinner first at our favorite fast food chain. It feels really good to be able to treat the family. Seeing them smiling and savoring their favorite meal is a joy in my heart. I am so happy that I am able to share to my family the earning I have online. Thanks to God for the blessings as always!

Back to online chores

Being sick is not in my vocabulary because it makes me weak and no one will take good care of my nephews and niece. And I cannot do my online stuff and blogging chores. Unfortunately, I had the flu and was in bed for four days. I felt so tired and can’t move my body. I took medicines that my sister gave me but it does not help at all. I guess I need time to rest. Just lay down, sleep more and stop doing house chores. I felt sorry for my sister because I was not able to help her with the kids for I felt so weak. I promised to update my blogs regularly this month but was not able to do so because my body is asking me to get some rest.

After resting and have enough sleep, I am good now and felt better. I am done with my loads of laundry too. And I am back to online chores. Thank God, that I am better now. Indeed, when we are so tired, it is right to get some rest because our body needs it. We are the driver of our body, let’s not overuse it. We only have one body so we must take good care of it. For there is no replacement when our body becomes weak and not in good condition. When we need to rest we must rest. Now that I felt better, I hope to get my online chores done and will update my blogs regularly. Giving my readers and visitors new post as much as possible.

Thank you teachers

Today is the celebration of Teacher’s Day. The day where we give tribute to all the teachers for their job of educating the future generation. It is a noble and tough job I must say for they handle all kinds of kids with different behaviors, also kids with disability. Teachers played very important part in molding the kids into a better person. As they say, teachers are our second parents and school is our second home. And it is right to give them a day of tribute for the job well done. And to make them feel they are loved and we all are thankful for them for teaching, loving and caring us while at school.

Having said that, I want to say my warmest thanks to all the teachers for they have played big part of my life. My mother died when I was nine (9) and I am longing for the love and care of a mother which I find it to all my teachers. I look at them as my own mother. So I strive hard, do better and do all the best that I can so I can achieve my goals and dreams in life. My teachers mold me to become a better person, but of course my family as my inspiration. So, thank you teachers for all the teachings and help. God bless you all!

Thanks for the invites

Last Saturday, May 28, 2016 was the Christening of my niece’s son. The family were invited to join the celebration. It was a great event because almost all the relatives are there celebrating with them. To me it was like a family reunion. I saw my aunts, uncle, cousins, nephews, nieces, close family friends, and many others. The event was lot of fun. It was an event to remember and treasure forever I must say. The celebration is at the private resort. And it is an overnight celebration. Everyone is happy especially the kids after seeing the pool.

It was like a summer outing of the family. The kids are having fun swimming at the pool. The really love to swim and be in the water. Too bad my two brothers and their family was not able to come for some reasons. We did have a good time talking, laughing, singing, eating, etc…with the relatives and some friends. The foods are great. Since I don’t drink I keep myself busy with the foods especially the sweets. Surely my past time will make me gain more weight but I do not care as long as I am happy and contended. Again, thanks for the invites. And thanks for the sumptuous foods on the table.

Thanks for the help

I am thinking of what to share here. I look back of the events that happens to me last year, December of last year to be exact. I thought of things that I need to be thankful for and finally decided what to write and whom to thank. Last Christmas (December 25, 2015), the girlfriend of my older brother came to celebrate with us. It was a surprised for us and we are happy that she choose to celebrate Christmas with us. She is very nice woman and friendly. She is easy to go along with. She is not the type that will stay in the corner and will not talk.

Anyways, I want to thank the girlfriend of my brother and hopefully soon to be wife, for paying a visit last Christmas. For making my brother happy. I also thank her for helping me cleaning the kitchen, helping me preparing the foods for the nephew’s birthday (Christmas day is the nephew’s birthday, by the way). I really appreciate it and your coming is really a big help. You really have a big heart. Thanks for loving my brother and I pray that your relationship will last longer and that you will end up being together forever. Hopefully, you will be part of the family. Hope sooner because I am really excited.*wink