Happy Birthday Sister

Birthday is one special day to every individual. It is like a reminder of the years of our existence in this world and also the years of life’s blessings from God. During our birthdays we celebrate it differently. Some prefers to have just a simple dinner with the family, some will make a party and invite close friends, relatives and colleagues and some do it by doing charity work. Doing these things are ways of saying that we are thankful that God adds another year of our existence in this world. It is best to share our blessings to others, right? Besides, it is better to give than to receive.

Anyways, I am saying this because today my dearest sister celebrates her 36 years of life blessings. She is thankful for having a wonderful family, loving husband and her bubbly little boys. It is indeed a good reason to celebrate her day. She got a bouquet of flowers given to her by her colleagues that makes her day memorable and special. She just bought snacks for her colleagues to extend her gratitude. Like the previous years, the sister will celebrate her day by having simple dinner at their abode with the family. It is really simple yet memorable. Happy birthday sister, I wish you good health and happiness in life.

Mother and son

After nine months of carrying the baby inside her womb, the mother can now hug, kiss, carry and enjoy each moment with her baby. I was looking at my sister and my nephew sleeping together for the first time. Yes, I was there in the hospital waiting for my sister to come out and the baby. I am scared when the schedule CS operation came. I pray that the sister will give birth safely and the baby is in good condition. When the doctor informed us that the baby is in the nursery section, we went there to look at the baby for the first time. We were also informed that the sister is safe but still sleeping. She will be brought to the room after she regains consciousness.

Three hours after the operation, the sister was brought to the room and two hours later the baby was room in. The nurse put the baby besides my sister. I am enjoying looking at them resting and sleeping and took a photo of them. It is so cute to see the image of the mother and the son sleeping together for the first time. This would be one of the unforgettable memories between the two of them. Congratulations sister and welcome baby Mark Nin Andrei.

Early gift from the sister

The sister always told me that she will be giving something for me this Christmas. As her way of saying thank you from the favour I did to her. Well, if you did not know I babysit the sister’s son since she does not have a babysitter. I am not expecting something in return because I do it out of love. We are family and family does helping each other, right? I am extending my hands to any of my family member to help if I could. It is always a good feeling to be able to help.

Anyways, the sister already given the gift she told me to give to me. As expected, she did give me the one that I wanted to have. It is not in kind because the sister knows I have something that I wanted to buy. That gives her an idea to give me cash instead of kind. Awesome! In fact she did give extra. How is that? Indeed my sister is a kind and giving sister as always. Thanks sister for the gift. Love you much!

How about you? Did you receive an early gift/s too? What is it? Mind to share? Or did you give early Christmas gift/s?

It’s a boy!

The long wait is over! Yes, I have waited for seven months to know the gender of the sister’s second baby. I am so excited because I hope it is a girl so that we can start buying things for the coming little angel of the family. We like it to be a baby girl since the sister’s first baby is a boy. In fact the sister does have a name of the baby if it is a girl. She is not thinking of a boy name because she thinks the baby inside her tummy is a girl. What makes the sister think that it is a girl? Well, she is just comparing the experience while she is pregnant with her first baby. Also, she is comparing of the movement of the baby inside her tummy.

Since I am so excited to know the gender of the baby, I go with her to the OB-gyne clinic. I was sitting watching the screen of the monitor while the doctor is trying to make the baby spread the legs. When the legs of the baby finally spread, the doctor said “it’s a boy”. The sister and I look at each other and say “okey’. Haha! So, I guess the name of a girl that the sister is preparing will be kept until she will have a baby girl. I jokingly told the sister that can I have the name instead. Haha! And I bet you know what the sister’s answer. She is still hoping to have a baby girl one day. Now that we know the gender of the baby, it is time to buy things for the baby and thinking of the nice name.

The sister wants an M.A initials. Can you give a name of a baby boy with M. A? I would be glad to hear suggested names from you, my readers and visitors.

Have their own house

The dream of the sister to have their own house is finally come true. Yes, they just bought the house they have rented for a year. Also, they paid it in full the amount of the house and lot at the housing loan agency. By just looking at the face of my sister, I can tell that she is very happy. Her plans and goals are slowly coming true. Double the happiness because she just bought the house near our house. Awesome! The family will not missed her that much because she can visit us anytime and we can visit her anytime as well. The hard work and prayers of the sister has answered.

Now that the house is fully paid, the sister can now do whatever she wants. She has lots of plans to improve the house she just bought. In fact her husband does draw the look of their house soon. Excited? Yes, very much! haha! Can’t blame them, they just acquired the house they dreamed to have. Indeed, things do come true if we work hard and do our very best to meet what we want in life. Congratulations to my sister and her family. The title of the house will be delivered to your doorstep soon. Home sweet home for you!