Practicing for the Christmas Festival

Aside from their Christmas party, the nephew is very busy practicing for their Christmas Festival at school. Their Christmas Festival would be next week and the nephew is on his first stage of memorizing the songs they are going to sing as well as the dance steps. I do wanted to help but I am not familiar with the songs. It is a Christian song, but haven’t heard of it. My bad. I told the sister to research and save the video so we can practice at home. But the sister is too busy too preparing for her Christmas party at school.

Yesterday was their first practice on the stage. And the nephew is just standing there and busy looking at his classmates action and he will follow. Poor nephew I must say. In all fairness to my nephew he is eager to learn. I am glad that he can easily cope up with the actions. Good job nephew. I will try to search the songs online, and will help the nephew memorizing the songs. We still have four days left to practice. I am not pressuring the nephew though, I just want him to memorize a little. Good luck to me nephew and I hope you will enjoy your first every Christmas Festival.

Attending meetings at school

Attending meeting is not my cup of tea. It makes me bored because it will take hours to finish. Also, some of the topics being discussed are far from what is in the agenda. I am saying this based from the meetings that I have attended before. Though this is an opportunity to meet new people, and possible friends’ still it doesn’t interests me, at all. My brother is begging for me many times before to attend school meetings of his kids but I refused because I do not like attending meetings. I can’t relate too because I am not a

However, I guess this situation is an avoidable this year because I have attended two meetings already. I am running out of reasons to my brother anymore. Well, I think it is not fair that I am going to attend the school meeting of my sister’s son and will not going to attend at my brother’s daughter. So to be fair, I have attended both meetings. It wasn’t that boring at all now. I did have fun attending the meeting. I am able to meet new people too. But still I do not want attending meetings. I do hope no more meetings in the coming days, or months.

Finished with honors

Once again, my two nieces did make us proud especially their parents. We heard the good news that they finished with honors while having dinner last night. They really did well at school even if it is new to them since they were transferred. They get easily cope up with new way of teaching, new lessons, new environment and new friends. They were confused at first and does not want to participate in the class, but they adjusted well. And now giving the whole family the reason to smile and makes us proud.

Their school recognition will be on the 28th and 30th respectively. I already bought my present to them as I promised to buy them shoes if they finished with honors. And they did! My bad. haha! Well, I guess what I did was a good motivation for them to do better at school to get a present from me. They are good kids I must say for they give me what I want them to get. Congratulations Ronna and Ella, keep up the good works. Long way to go and I am pretty sure that you will reach to the top because I know you can do it. God bless always.


First Day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of school here in my country. Students are excited to go to school because of their new things and new set of uniforms. One perfect example of a very excited kids to go back to school are my niece. They are arranging their bags, shoes and socks. All are set and they are ready for school tomorrow. In fact they are now sleeping for them to wake up early in the morning. They are enrolled in new school and I hope they can cope up with new environment and new set of friends. House will not be so messy, less noise and no quarrel starting tomorrow. It would be a quiet day in the house tomorrow. I can get more rest and less stress.wink!