Teaching her how to do the laundry

I have started teaching them doing the household chores when they are nine and ten years old. Because I want them to become a responsible human being at the early age. The same thing my late mother told us when we are young. I felt sad before because I felt I am depriving of being a child, but looking at of what I am now, I am forever thankful to my mother. May she rest peacefully. I have taught them doing the dishes, cleaning the house, cleaning clutter and cooking rice. So far, they are doing well of the chores assigned to them. Though I still need to supervise them to avoid mistakes and for them to finish the task/s fast.

Their parents are both working and do not have time to teach their kids. As I am their aunt, I will do the teaching on their behalf. The nieces are now ages 12 and 14, right ages for them to know how to do the laundry. I started teaching them last week. I must show to them from segregating clothes, and so on. And yes, the girls are complaining, saying it is so tiring plus the loaded of dirty clothes.LOL! I understand them because I did the same when I was taught on doing the laundry. We are on our two weeks of laundry lesson, and I am hearing fewer complaints now. Thank God! Hopefully, on our third week, they can do it on their own. Good luck girls.

Thank you God for the talent

Every time there is an activity that my nieces and nephews are participating, I am their number one supporter.  I will see to it that all are well prepared so they will be ready and look good on the day of the presentation.  Just recently, the nieces are taking part in the culmination of the Flores de Mayo in our village.  They are one of the princess and they will be wearing gown.  I am so excited for them.  Just like last year, I did make their hair and make up.  And I have shared in one of my blogs their hairstyle.  This year, I will be their hair and make up artist.

I do not have much knowledge about hairstylist and applying make up.  I just search online about the different hairstyles and on how to apply make up.  I am not sure if I will be able to do it perfectly but I will do my very best to make my nieces stand out and look very pretty.  My talent will be tested once again.  I am trying to be miss know everything when it comes to these matters because we do not have budget to go to the parlor and have them fixed.  And I thank God for the talent and the skills.  Anyways, you can see the hairstyles I made for the nieces.  What do you think?

Fulfilling our childhood dreams

Back when my older and I are younger, we always joined the Flores De Mayo (Flower of May) class at the chapel. This Flores de Mayo classes happens in the month of May of course and will end on the last day of the month. On the last day of the month, there is a small program/activity in the chapel. There is Santacruzan, a procession in the village of queens and princesses and the star of the procession is Reyna Elena. It was our dreams to wear gowns and be one of the princesses. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen. We are sad because we wanted to feel like a queen/princess once in our life.

Our time has passed, and there is no way we can make that dreams come true. However, in our behalf the two nieces will be fulfilling that dreams for us. They attended Flores de Mayo for three years now, and this year they are one of the princesses. The girls are excited and we are so happy because this is a dream come true. We are looking for a nice gown for them so the girls will shine and look very pretty. Surely, this experience will be added to their childhood memories book.

Reading Skills

In two weeks time my nieces will be going back to school but in different school. New environment for them but good thing is they are enrolled in a school where my sister teaches. Because of financial problems they will no longer be in a private school. Their parents are just being practical because times are really hard nowadays. Today, they are finally enrolled in the new school with the help of my sister (their aunt). Part of the rules as a transferee and in first grade is to test if the student can read. It is important for them to recognized letters so that not difficult for a teacher to start the teaching class. I am so happy that my nieces can recognize letters and can read even slowly. They are now ready for school and I must say they are excited. I am proud of them having the skills in reading because it is an advantage for a kid to know how to read. Thanks to their previous school and to my sister who is a teacher who give her time to teach them how to read.


Broken Screen Door

Our screen door has fall down because my nieces are always ride on it. I do not know what they are thinking but they keep on doing that. My father has scolded them still they are doing it. After several times of doing it, it fell down the other day. My father was so angry because it can’t be fix anymore. The wood was broken apart. Bad thing is that we do not have budget to buy screen door to replace it. If only they are not hard headed it our screen door will still be there. But no matter how angry we are, we do not have any choice but to accept it and save money to buy a new one. We have to replace it soon because screen door is very important to prevent mosquitoes and flies to enter the house. It will take time to replace it especially nowadays that times are really hard. I wish that we would find a way to replace it soon.