So proud of his girls

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Last March 25-26, 2014 was the recognition day at school where the girls (my nieces Ronna and Ella) are studying.  Their parents took two days off to be witness the recognition day, also to pin the ribbons and medals for their girls.  Ella, finishes with honors, medal as girl scout of the year, and two ribbons.  While Ronna got medal as girl scout of the year and three ribbons.  Unfortunately, Ronna did not able to be part of the honor students, but she did well.  She belongs to the first section just like Ella.  Her grades are high, but not enough to be part of the honor students.

We are expecting that Ronna will finish with honors, but it was Ella who did made it.  Still we are proud of the girls because they did well at school.  I can say that their father (my brother) is really proud of his girls.  He is a hands on father.  His waking up early preparing foods for the kids was worth it because the girls give something to make them happy.  I am so proud of the girls too because being part of the first section is not easy.  Challenges are there because they belong to fast learner class.  Congratulations for passing another level.

Just like her father

The nine years old niece loves to play the guitar of his father. She was told many times not to touch it because it is not a toy, still she did not listen. When her father off for work, she would hurriedly get the guitar of his father and start strumming the strings. If you are to look at her, you would probably say that she really wants to learn how to play it. I can’t blame her because she is just like her father. If she really into it, I would like her to be part of the school rondalla so she can fulfill her dreams. If she would, I will like her to play the soprano ukulele from guitar center. It fits to her well, also to be distinct from her father. It would be great to listen when she and her father plays their instruments together. As usual I will be their

Thank God she is fine

Three days ago, the niece fell while playing at the house of the neighbour. I was so nervous after seeing her unconscious. I was yelling at my two brothers who happen to be there while the kids are playing. I got angry at them and telling them why they let the kids play at the neighbor’s. But there is no use because the damage is already done. Because the niece is unconscious, I rush her to the nearest hospital to have her check to know her condition. After the doctor checked her and seen the X-ray result, I am relieved. But the doctor said that is the niece is vomiting, we have to bring her back to the hospital.

The night when the niece fell and in the morning of the following day, the niece continues vomiting. The SIL decided to bring her to the hospital and the doctor said she has to be admitted to have her checked thoroughly. The family is so worried when the doctor advises for the niece CT scan. Though we are want to think positive and think that the niece’s condition is fine, still negative thoughts comes in our minds.

After a day of observation, the doctor said that the niece is fine and she can go home. “Thank you God she is fine”, these are the words that comes out in my mouth after hearing that the niece is fine. God is really good indeed. He hears our prayers.

Teaching her how to pray the rosary

The father used to pray the rosary everyday. The sister and I used to go with him then. But stopped for sometime now because he gets very sickly. Just recently, the father decided to pray again the rosary. He has done it alone for a month until he decided to teach the seven years old niece to pray with him. He gave to the niece the copy of how to pray the rosary and the responses. Good thing the niece already memorized the Our Father, Hail Mary and Holy Mary. It is easy for the father to teach the grand-daughter. Now, the father’s partner in praying the rosary is his grand-daughter who is seven years old.

Since the niece is schooling in the morning, they do the rosary when he niece arrives from school. The father tried to convince the nine years old niece but she does not want to. Seeing them praying together, reminds me of the days where the father, sister and I used to pray the rosary. I am happy though that the niece loves to do it. She sometimes told the father to start the rosary the moment she enters the door. wink* I wish to pray with them one of these days but I cannot concentrate because of the two little fellas who keeps me busy. I hope one day I will join them kneel and pray the holy rosary.

The niece’s first communion

PhotobucketToday is the first communion rights of the niece. One of the event that she is waiting for this will be her gateway to taste the consecrated host that the catholic shared as body of Christ. She is very much excited on this event especially that her mother bought her white dress and shoes for the event. In fact, first the dress more than once and always look at it inside the closet. So funny to see her keep looking at her white dress and fitting her shoes. She is also done memorizing the words she has to say when facing the priest. The niece is a bit shy so I wish her best of luck.

I missed her first communion because no one will look after the baby. However, I heard from SIL that it went well and the niece has conquered her fear to face the priest. Which is normal I guess because I feel the same when I had my first communion years back. Though I missed the event and did not able to take pictures by myself, I told SIL to take some so that she will have remembrance of the event and also for me to have a photo to share her. The photo above was taken in the middle of the mass.