Thanks God the niece is getting better

Last week my niece brought to the hospital because of high fever. She has suffered from high fever for four days already. We tried to medicate her at home but her condition is getting worse. Because the city is in dengue outbreak, we decided to bring her to the doctor to have her checked. At the hospital the doctor told us that she is infected my dengue fever. We re panicking to be honest after hearing it because there are lots of dengue fever victims in the city. We thought of the worse thing happen after knowing that the niece platelet counts are decreasing to 60.

The supposed to be a check up was end into admission. We want to make sure that the niece is monitored well. And being in the hospital is the safest place for her. My brother is so worried of the condition of her daughter when the platelet counts went down to 14 and undergo blood transfusion. We are worried and panicked but did not lose hope that the niece will get better soon. We prayed a lot and gave her medicines and herbal medicine that will help in increasing her platelet. After five days the niece is getting better and was discharge in the hospital. We are so thankful to God for He hears our prayers. Thank you God for always with us and for the healing of the niece.

Her 13th Years

My niece celebrates her 13th birthday last July 2, 2016. This is a bit late post but still I want to share it here to give thanks to God for the 13th years of joyful life of my niece. Time really flies so fast. I can’t believe that she is now 13 years old. Seems like it was just yesterday when I carry her on my arms from the nursery room. The niece grown so fast and can’t help but cry for it reminds me that I am not getting any younger. I should get married soon for me to have children of my own.LOL Opps…off-topic sorry about that.

Anyways, I want to great the niece a very happy birthday. We had simple celebration at home. Her wishes were granted on her special day. My sister ( her mommy) bought pork for her requested Adobo, her mom bought chocolate cake, her grandfather (my father) gave money to her mom to buy the rest of the ingredients for the viands/foods that we are going to prepare on her special day. We prepared all her favorites and the family’s favorite. Even though it is just a simple celebration, still it is special because everyone in the family is contributing to make her day extra special. I wish her good health, happiness in life, do well at school and will become a responsible and God-fearing person. Again, Happy Birthday niece and may God bless you always. Do not forget to always pray to Him.

Teaching her how to iron her school uniforms

My niece is growing so fast. I can’t believe that she is turning 13 next month. And this means one thing, I am getting older and older.LOL! Anyways, now that she is growing older I always reminded her to be a responsible human being. I never forget to tell to be a good role model to her younger siblings. As much as possible I want her to be a good example. That is why I am giving her chores at home. Also told her to reduce playing outside because she is now a teenager. She should stay at home and help her parents in doing household chores. It is not easy to teach her because she likes to play and stay outside to be with her friends.

Our latest lesson this week is teaching her how to iron her school uniforms. At first she did not like it but I told her that no one will do it for her. She has to know how to iron her uniforms. And she can’t be dependent to her parents all the time. She has to learn doing her stuffs so that when her parents is not around, she can do it on her own. My way of convincing her is telling her our life back then. I told her that I learn doing these stuffs because my mother (her grandmother) died when I was nine (9). Telling my experiences in the past does help me convincing her. Hopefully my niece will grow up a very responsible person.

Thank you Lord

After six (6) days in the hospital the niece is finally discharged. We are happy that she is fine now and in recovery stage after the operation. What had happened to her scares us like heal. She suffered of severe stomach pain for three days. A wrong diagnose is really scary. If only the first laboratory is right. We are not blaming the first doctor we went to though because her pediatrician told us that the appendicitis symptoms are same with the UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) symptoms. Now, that she is fine, we are thankful to God for we surpassed the trial.

I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to those who helped us. To those who visited the niece in the hospital, those who bring foods, those who give financial support and to those who prayed for her successful operation and fast recovery. We know that thank you is not enough but still we want to say thank you to all of you. Special thanks to God for giving us all the strength to overcome every trials that the family is facing and fighting. Also, thank you Lord for sending those people who have helped us. May God bless you always and praying for more blessings to come to your life.

Her 11th Birthday

My niece Ella turns 11 yesterday.  The family did have a simple celebration at home.  We did not invite friends and relatives because it is only dinner with the family, but the celebrant invites her best friend, our neighbor.  We allowed her since it is her day, and celebrating her day with her close friends makes her day extra special.  My father bought the birthday cake for his granddaughter as his gift, my sister gift some too to cook her favorite viand, and I since I do not have money I just rendered my cooking skills.  Well, they still love my cooking.  I am glad I have this kind of talent.

Even if the celebration is so simple, still it is memorable if you celebrate it with your family.  That is what I see on my niece face yesterday.  Anyways, on her special day I wish the niece the best of life, good health, grow up a better and responsible person, excel in her studies, and happiness in life.  I hope that she will be prayerful and always a good and respectful daughter to her parents.   I thank the Lord God for her life and for always guide her.  Lastly, I pray that the niece will have an awesome and wonderful in her life’s journey.