Having some fun

One thing that I want to see about my two nephews is for them to become friends, not fighting and not hitting each other. I want them to be best buddies that is why I keep on telling them to love each other. They do follow me when I say kiss and hug each other. I can tell that my nephews are very loving kids. They sometimes surprised me by kissing and hugging me. They both made me smile always. I am so lucky because I get to see them growing and see their development each day. One morning after taking them a bath, I let them play in the living room while I am busy with my online stuffs. I heard them smiling and having fun. I hurriedly get my camera because I want to capture this moment of them having fun.

The images above are my two nephews. Ronj said that Jc is riding a horse. So, I supposed he is the horse. It is so cute to see them playing and do the bonding. I wish that they will be best buddies till they gets older. They may be fighting at times, but it is part of them growing up. Fighting I guess is like a spices of their friendship. I love you both Ronj and Jc.


The mentor and the protege’

DSC03657Currently I am babysitting my two nephews here at home. Their parents are both working and does not have nanny yet. Since I am just here at home, I am the one babysitting them. They makes my day busy, tiring, irritating, funny and enjoyable one. Yes, I have those things almost everyday depending on their mode. The two nephews ages one and two years old. Their ages speak of how tiring and fun my day is. Tiring because they make the house messy, crying, yelling, fighting and much more. Also it is funny because they are both bubbly and so cute to listen to their baby talks.

The image I shared here is the photo of my two nephews. I call them the mentor and the protegĂ©’ because the one year old always imitate what his cousin is doing. He is a good imitator I can say because this young fella does have a good memory retention. One of the things that makes him cry is when his older cousin, spank him or pushed him away because he keeps on following. It irritates him I guess but so cute to look at. As of the moment, their activity is wearing the women sandals at home. arghs! Even though they always fight, I can tell that these two cuties will be good friends forever. And maybe sharing of secrets when they grow older.