The nephews does not like car pool

The school year 2019-2020 starts last June 3, 2019 here in the country. Busy days are here again for me. My duty in sending and fetching the nephews at school starts as well. I am glad that the nephews are in afternoon session. I do not need to get up early, and suffer the early morning traffic everyday. Their classes starts at 12:00 noon and ends at 6:00 pm. The picking up hours for the public vehicles and buses. I must say, it is very difficult to commute at this hour.

Because of the nephew’s schedule, their mother (my sister), and I are thinking of getting them in the car pool. With car pool, we are sure that the kids will be home before dinner time. I do not have to fetch them at school because the car pool will send them home. No hassle for me with this setup, the problem is the nine (9) year old nephew, does not want a ride in the car pool. He wants me to fetch him from school.argsh! We do not know why only the nephew knows. He just told us that he does not like to ride in the car pool. And he won. I will be doing the same routine, sending and fetching them. Poor

43rd Foundation Day


Foundation day is the day where a certain place, establishments, area, school, and the likes celebrate the beginning or founding. This is the very important event/day because it also reminiscing the past, celebrating the present and embracing the future of certain establishments or school. I must say this is the most celebrated and busiest day at school, aside from the examinations period. lol, This is also the enjoyable day of the school. There are lots of activities for the students to enjoy. One of the highlights of the event is the field demonstrations of the students in all grade level. And it is a competition, that is why everybody is doing their best, giving and showing what they got to prove to everyone that they are the best among the rest. Of course, it is a friendly competition.

Last Wednesday, the school where my nephews are studying celebrates their 43rd Foundation Day. My nephews are from Kinder and Grade Two level. I am so excited to see how my kinder nephew shows his talent in dancing.haha! It is his first time to join field demonstration and I wish him luck, well I wish the whole kinder students. I was not able to capture the nice photo of the nephew dancing because he is too far and we are not allowed to come near them. I just took photos before their performance and after.

The kids are having fun

Okay, we are on vacation at the province of m parents. The tiring travel was so worth it because we arrived safely and the kids (my nephews) are having fun meeting their cousins and meeting new friends here. It is not their first time to travel here but it is their first time meeting them. They played a lot and do bonding a lot. The are having fun I must say. In fact the 5 years old nephew does not want to go back home anymore. LOL! They already went to the white sand beach here and the do want want to get out of the water too. Funny thing is that the 5 years old nephew says, the beach is like a swimming pool. Maybe because it is white sand and the color of the water is blue.

Their summer is spending really well. We have four more days left here in the province. We plan to go to the beach more after our agenda of going here is settled. I haven’t been to the beach yet. We visited some of our relatives already and it is really nice seeing them again after four years. We are having fun here and I am well rested I must say but honestly I missed my sister, my nieces, and my 3 years old charming nephew. Four more days and we are home again. May God bless our trip back home.

The dog and cat

My four and two year’s old nephews are like dog and cat. The two makes me so tired, busy, and smiling. I say tired because they do lots of mess in the room, living room and in the kitchen. Well, they are so busy touching the things in the house. Their minds are so curious I must say. Though being curious is a good sign that their minds are working and they are observant kids, still it is so tiring cleaning their mess. Second, they make me so busy attending their needs and keeping my eyes on them because they like to fight even on little things, especially when they both got interested on same thing. Lastly, makes me smiling when they are dancing and being friends after the fight. It seems like nothing happens after the fight. That is how kids are. Also, they make me smile seeing they are growing and discovering new things.

I call them my little rascals because of the things they do at home, the little rascals that I so loved, cherished and cared. I like that they learned things from them. I wish that they will grow a good and loving individual. I like spending more time with them and teaching them simple stuffs because I also learned while teaching them. They say that taking care of kids is the most tiring and difficult job in the world, yes it is true, but it is worth it. And worth to spend your time.

The attention seeker

When the nanny of my nephews is left, I took the position temporarily while the sister is looking for a replacement. Since I am babysitting the son of my brother, my sister just bring the baby at home before she and her husband will go to work. It is a very tiring job but I did accept it because they are my nephews and I wanted to help my sister in my own little way. The nephews are little and needs more of my attention more. At first he loves to play with his cousin, but later I noticed that when I carry the baby he will cry and wanted me to carry him also.sigh! Too bad I cannot carry them together because they are too heavy.

I can tell that the other nephew is jealous and wanted my attention because he does things that make me mad. He creates many mess in the house, cries a lot, spank the baby when I am not looking and the worse is when I feed the baby with milk, he wanted to have milk too. Poor little nephew of mine, got jealous of his own cousin. I felt sorry for the other nephew that is why when the baby is sleeping, I play with him, spend time with him, talk to him about him and his little cousin. I told him to love each other instead of quarrelling him. I hope he did understand what I am saying and will no longer spank his cousin and will no longer make a mess in the house.