Stressful but blessed week

It started when my seven months old nephew get high fever. The nephew is chilling and looks so pale when the sister came to the house and asked for help. Because we are so worried, we rushed the nephew to the hospital to have the nephew check. Only then we know that the nephew had fever that is why he is chilling and look pale. We are glad that he is fine and we did not have to confine him at the hospital. A day after we brought the two years old to the pediatrician because of severe cough and he also throwing-up after drinking his milk. After their check up, we are glad knowing that the two nephews are fine.

However, the trials are not over yet on that week because the other nephew (my brother’s youngest child) had fever. Also, he keeps on coming back to the bathroom to discharge and vomiting as well. I am so worried so I called the SIL to come home and take her son to the pediatrician. I cannot bring him myself because I look after the sister’s son. Instead of bringing him to the pedia, the SIL prefer to buy medicines. The situation is getting worse to the point of bringing the nephew to the hospital. The nephew was confined at the hospital for four days. Last week was a stressful week for the family but even though, we are still feel blessed because the little boys in the family are fine now. Thanks to God.

Growing so fast

The nephew is growing so fast. He just turns seven months old. He is getting bigger and heavier, but I so love it. I even teach him some tricks, the tricks that he can follow easily. And I am pretty sure what I am talking about because you have taught your kid/s when they were babies. I am so excited to teach him and show to her mother that he learns fast. However, the nephew is not following me. I have been teaching him for two weeks now, and he isn’t following the tricks that I have taught him.

I do understand that he is still young and there is a tendency that he won’t follow what I teach him for his eyes are busy roaming around and touching things that interests him. It is a bit frustrating because I really want him to learn. I guess I am just too excited but the four kids that I have been babysitting before him, learns fast. Well, not all kids are same and I understand that. Maybe the nephew wants to be different from his cousins and older brother. I can wait baby till you follow the tricks I want you to learn.

Happy 4th Birthday

 photo ronjbday_zps6090131f.jpgMy cute nephew just turned four years old few days ago. I am happy that he is growing healthy although a bit hard headed one. It was just like yesterday when we celebrated his first birthday, now he is four years old. Time flies really fast I must say, they are getting older and so am I. Seeing them growing under my care makes me so happy, however, thinking that they are growing means I am getting older. I can’t imagine that the baby that I used to carry on my arms is now getting older. And soon, he will start going to school together with his two older sisters.

Anyways, on his fourth birthday I wish the nephew good health, always be a good boy, friendly and respectful to others especially older to him. The family celebrated his birthday with just simple dinner with the family and some invited family friends. His mother bought him a cake to make his birthday complete. The cake is the gift that the celebrant wants to have on his birthday. Well, all kids want a cake on their birthday. Happy birthday again to my nephew and wish you all the best in life. May God bless you always and guide you always. Tita (Aunt) loves you very much!

The 5 months old nephew

It was like yesterday when the nurse brought this little angel in the hospital room where we stayed when the sister gave birth to him. He was so little and so cute. In fact, I am a bit scared to carry him because he was so little. Among the five angels in the family, Andrei is the smallest and the scariest I must say. However, his cuteness surpasses that scared feeling because I really wanted to carry him on my arms. Days, weeks, months pass by and the little Andrei is now on his five months.

Yes, he is five months now and will turn six in the few weeks. He is getting bigger, heavier and bubbly. I took several photos of him smiling. And the photo that I shared here is one of the many smiling pictures that I took. This little angel of the family makes my day less stress even if I am so tired. He smiled at me when I talk to him or even just passing by at him while he is resting on his bouncer. He is the vitamin that I need because he always makes my day enjoyable. In the next few months, he will start climbing and walking. Thinking about it makes me so tired but it is fine because seeing their development each day is a treasure and joy forever.

Easy way to clean the nose

My two years old nephew is suffering from allergic rhinitis. From time to time the sister is checking the nose of her son to know if it is irritated. When the nephew is keep on sneezing, the sister hurriedly wash the nose of her son with water. The sister is felt sorry for her son because she is working mom and only the nanny and her son left at home while she is at work. She is worried if the nanny cleans the nose of her son carefully. She is thinking of an easy way to wash the nose sensitive nose of her son. When she saw this nasopure, the sister is glad. She can leave the house for work with less worries because she is sure that the nose of her son will be safe and clean all day.