The nephew is getting better

After our overnight stay at one of the resort, the nephew got sick. He has very high fever and not feeling so well. We are glad he was sick when we arrived home. We just thought it is because of the weather because it was very hot when we are heading to the resort and heavy rain pour down when we reached the resort. The nephew is taking medicine already but the fever did not subside. Because it was Sunday afternoon, we decided to bring the nephew the following day to his pediatrician if he still as fever.

We are so worried especially my sister (the mother) because her son doesn’t drink his milk nor eat foods. He looks very sick I must say. The following day, the fever is gone. We are glad but another problem occurs. The nephew’s tummy is bloated. This is the reason he doesn’t like to drink milk nor eat foods. The sister bought medicine for bloated tummy and at the same time using herbal medicines. The nephew now is getting better. His appetite came back and the fever is gone. We did not go to the doctor anymore because the medicine that we bought plus the herbal medicine helps the nephew’s conditions getting better. Thank you Lord.

Happy memories to remember

The brother and his wife encounter bumps in their life. They have been married for eight months already. They have settled the bumps/problems that they have met and manage it well. However, the problem that they are facing right now shatters their marriage life. The brother’s wife left him and their three months old son for other man. I felt sorry for him because the woman she loves the most and his everything left him suddenly. We do not know how he is doing because they live far from us. He called me and asked me if I could fetch them. I feel his pain so the older brother and I went to their place to fetch them.

The five days that they stayed with us is one of the memorable moments in the family. The three months old nephew is so cute, bubbly and loves to smile a lot. We love the nephew very much because he gives happiness to the family even in for short time. Now the mother came back and the brother forgives and accept him, they are not living with us. We missed the nephew a lot. I always remember the days when he is with us. He wakes me up early and makes me sleep very late. It was worth it though because the nephew is an angel. The five days of staying with us is a happy memory to remember.

Another angel added in the family

Last November 12, 2013, my sister-in-law (wife of my younger brother) gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. It was the happiest day of their lives to see the fruit of their love, their bundle of joy. She gave birth via C-section because the baby is too big. The baby is 8 pounds to be exact. The family is happy for them and welcoming the new angel in the family. Unfortunately, we did not able to visit them at the hospital because they live very far from us. Only the older brother went to visit them and bring the little help we have. I wanted to come and see the baby too but it is not possible since I am babysitting my nephews too.

Anyways, I get to see the photo of my new nephew named Zeus Marllo through my brother’s mobile phone. The baby is so cute I must say. Looking at his photo makes me want to carry him on my arms. I really wish I go with my older brother when he went to visit to see the baby personally and also to congratulate my brother and his wife, though I did extend my congratulations through phone. I also told to visit us and bring the baby so we can see him, carry him and kiss him. See the image of the new angel added in the family.

His two front teeth

My nephew just turned eight months old and now his first set of two front teeth is showing. Time flies really fast indeed! He started biting my fingers, shoulder and my cheek. To him it is like playing but to me it is But I do like him doing it especially when I am avoiding his attempt to bite me because he gets angry when I do that. It makes him so eager to bite me. When the second set of front teeth will arrive, I’ll be in danger. Haha! The nephew is growing really fast. He is so bubbly, playful and smiling, the things that I do like and will treasure while he is young. That is why I am taking photos every movement, tricks, and activities he makes every day for his mother to see how cute her son is.

The nephew looks really cute when he smiles and shows off his two front teeth. And I guess he knows that he looks really cute because he loves to smile a lot. I do like to take a photo of him smiling showing his two front teeth but is not possible because he could not stay still. I have tried several times but I only get a blurry image. Hopefully I will take a photo of his first two front teeth one of these days. I want to capture at least one photo for him to look at when he grows older.

Thank God it’s normal

 photo 134b890f-7af1-48b0-9720-2b322ef79e64_zpsa8f4b231.jpg

After getting the nephew’s schedule for 2DECHO examination, I am so worried of the result. I know it is not good to think negatively but I cannot help myself. There are lots of negative thoughts that come up in my mind no matter how I tried to think positive. Maybe because of the incident that happens to my nephew few weeks ago. Remembering the nephew’s face had difficulty in breathing makes me think negatively. I even think of the worst case. I had bad thoughts and I hate myself for thinking that way. I just hope and pray that the result after the examination is normal.

 photo 2013-09-03151509_zps75094c49.jpg

While waiting outside the Heart Station, I keep looking at the sister’s face to cheer her up. I have to look fine and think positively so the sister will not worry too much. She even asked me if I prayed for her son, my nephew. Of course I am! When the doctor’s arrives, the negative thoughts came in. I just pray while looking at the nephew. When the check-up is done, the doctor said that the nephew’s heart is normal. We do not have to worry because he is healthy as well as his heart. Thanks to God the result is normal. We can sleep at night now without any worries that the nephew will have difficulty in breathing.