Happy 2nd Birthday Mark Nin Andrei

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It is still fresh in my mind when I carried him in my arms for the first time. He was one adorable and handsome kid I must say. He is very little and I want to shower him with kisses when he delivered by the nurse inside the room from the nursery. I was the one took him from the nurse and put him beside his mom who was still sleeping that time. It was like yesterday, now the little angel that adds happiness in the family just turns two years old last January 16, 2015. The celebration was simple but a memorable one because of the relatives that came over, some friends, neighbors, kids and of course the family.

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Although did not really understand what really happens on his special day, we are glad because he was very happy playing with the invited kids and his cousins. We captured some nice images of him smiling that we can show to him when he grows older. Mark Nin Andrei’s birthday celebration was complete and filled with laughter. We give thanks to those who came and celebrate with us. Big thanks to God for another year of Andrei’s life. We wish him good health, be a good boy and God-fearing boy. Happy 2nd Birthday Mark Nin Andrei. Stay as bubbly as you are. We love you!

JC’s work of art

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Four months had passed and I can tell that the three year old nephew is improving. He can handle pencil perfectly. He can write numbers and letters too, not perfectly though but I am pretty sure he will write it neatly and perfectly soon. Not like before, he is now participating in the class and listening to his teacher. Also, he tried to copy what is written on the board. Though it is funny sometimes because it gives us the hard time understanding what he wrote in his notebook. And when I ask him what it is, he just smiles at me.

One day, I am reviewing his lesson because they will be having weekly test. I am making my own questioner. I was drawing on the paper when the nephew told me if he can draw too. So, I gave him pencil and a paper. We both are busy drawing something on the paper. I went to check on his work after I am done making the questioner. I am surprised to see his drawing. I asked him what he is drawing; he told me that he draws his mother, father, younger brother and him. How sweet my nephew JC is. I am really surprised of what he did. He is indeed a smart kid. It’s his first work of art and I won’t let it just pass. I took a picture and thought of sharing it here. I am a proud aunt, so to speak!

Gets perfect score in their weekly tests

The three years old nephew is doing great in his class. He was enrolled in pre-school near our village. His parents especially his mother is having difficulties in teaching him because he is a bit stubborn. He doesn’t want to be force to write and study his lesson. He even doesn’t want to hold his pencil longer. He prefers to play in the tablet. That is why his mother installed an educational game in the tablet, the games where he learns the alphabet, writing letters and numbers too. In does help a lot, however, the problem is that he is too lazy to do it on paper using pencil.

Anyhow, even if the nephew is a bit lazy and stubborn when it comes to writing, we know that he will do well at school because he learns fast and his memory is good. Yesterday was there weekly test. We reviewed their lessons very well so he can answer the questionnaire. I am really happy because the nephews got a perfect score. He is one of the students, who dismissed early because he got perfect score. I am so proud of our little lazy and stubborn pre-schooler. This is a good sign. Long way to go nephew, keep up the good work!

Impressive weekly tests results

The nephew did not able to attend pre-school. We just teach him basic at home in preparation for his kindergarten. When his mother enrolled him, we are afraid the school won’t accept him because he doesn’t have early learning at pre-school. But he knows already how to count numbers from one to ten, recognizes colors and a bit of the alphabet. Also, knows how to write his name. We double our time teaching him so he won’t be having a hard time when the classes start. I can say that the nephew is a brave because even though his learning is limited, he can easily cope up with the lessons.

My thought when he entered the class was that, he is like joining in a war without any gun at all. However, his performance at school proves us that he is ready to go to school. He is a studious kid because when we arrived home from school, instead of going out and play, he prefers to practice writing his name, writing numbers, drawing and putting colors on the images he draws. We also help him studying his lessons. For two months of studying, I can say that the nephew is improving. His weekly examinations results are impressive. He got perfect score too. I am so proud of the nephew’s impressive weekly tests results. I hope that he will continue doing well at school and hopefully finish with merits. Good luck nephew and study hard.

The nephew’s first day at school

June 02, 2014 is the first day of school in the country. Students wake up early for school. Today is also the day of the nephew’s first day at school. He is enrolled in kindergarten. It takes time to wake him up early, bring him to the bathroom, eat breakfast and getting him ready for school. He is half asleep while his mother is busy preparing him and the things he needs. He used to wake up very late, so waking him up early is difficult. Seeing him moving half asleep is fun though. His mother sends him to school on his first day and his father fetches him up.

According to his father, his first day isn’t bad because he has friend already. Well, I can say that the nephew is a friendly kid. He likes to play and talks a lot. I hope he won’t be playing and talking while the teacher is making a lesson. I wish the nephew a very good luck at school. I hope that he will do good and be a good student. Starting next week, I will be the one fetching him at school since his parents are both working. I will be fetching two kids in different school. Arghs! Good luck to me.