JC the Sea Turtle

Last week was the Science and Math Fair at my nephew’s school. We are encouraged to join the costume costplay contest. The kids will be wearing animals costumes made of indigenous materials. It was a challenge for us because we have to make costumes for the nephew. First we did is to ask the nephew what animal he likes. We made him decide by showing him some cartoon movies. After re-watching the five movies, the nephew said that he wants the turtle costume from the movie Sammy’s Adventure. Interesting! Next we collect the materials needed and started making the costumes.

The costume that the nephew wore on the day of the Science and Math Fair is nice. It was his father who made it. And I want to applause him for that because it was a great creation for the first timer. Although he likes his costume, it was a torture for him because it is very hot, he can’t sit down without taking it off and his head is sweating. I congratulate my nephew because he survived. One brave kid I must say. Though we did not win, still I am so proud of the nephew because he develops self-confidence.

Top 9 in first grading

Last Friday was the awarding of honors for first grading. I was not expecting my nephew to be part of the top 10 but hoping he will. My hope was answered when he called as top 9. Oh yeah, I am so proud of my nephew. Although he is too lazy to study his lessons he is able to show up his skills and intelligence. He is able to compete to his classmates that are came from private school. Even though he is just studying in a project hope during his nursery time, he is able to cope up with the lessons.

Their report card also released and saw the promising grades of my nephew. We will double time in studying and practicing him to write his complete name. But will see to it that he is enjoying every time we study so he won’t get bored. It is a long way to go for my nephew and I hope he will enjoy the student life. Hopefully he will improve better in preparation for the entrance examination in the school where his mother wants him to study. Keep fight nephew. Study hard and soar high. Get the top five place, you still have three gradings left. Again, congratulations!

Wants to become a soldier

I remember when the nephew is still in nursery, every time I asked him of what he wants to become when he grow old, he answered me “Policeman” because he wants to caught his classmate Jacob.LOL I guess it is because Jacob is a bully kid. He likes to fight with his classmates. I just smiled at his answer. However, after seeing the fights of Manny Pacquaio, his dream has changed. Now he wants to become a boxer.LMAO Well, he is just a kid. It is like he wants to become everything that interests him. More changes of profession I bet.

I am so right because during their Career Guidance Day, when the nephew asked by his teacher of what he wants to become, he answered ‘Soldier‘. Where in the earth he got this idea. And soldier? Thinking of the professions that the nephew wants, I guess he is a fighter and strong person. The problem is that his mother wants him to become a priest. haha! Well, even if his mother wants him to become a priest, at the end of the day it is the nephew’s decision is important and final. Anyways, whatever it is, I pray for nephew’s success in life and hope that he will meet his goals. Whatever decisions he wants to take, we will always be here to support him.

First preliminary examination went well

The first preliminary examination of my nephew at school went well. Out of five examinations he got three perfect score. Seeing the results of his examinations surprises us because we are not expecting it really because he is not paying attention when we study his lessons. Even during the day and night before the examination, he is not concentrating much. He always says that he is tired and wanted to watch his favorite cartoon shows. We did a lot of motivation for him to focus on studying because we want him to get high score. Though his daily quizzes and exercises are pretty high so we are confident that he will do good.

Our sacrifices and efforts for him paid well because his examinations went really well. We are very happy and proud of him because we are not expecting that he will get perfect score. Though it is still early to tell, I can say that my nephew is an intelligent kid just like his mother. We hope that he will continue to do well at school. Also hope that he will develop study habit so he will be so ready when we transferred his to the school where his mother wants him to study. It is a long way to go nephew. Be good and study your lessons well. Good luck!

The King and Queen of Hearts 2015

Last February 13, 2015 is the King and Queen of Hearts coronation day at the school where my nephew is enrolled. We are happy and excited because my nephew JC is the King of Hearts. Their teacher made a raffle. She lets the kids pick of what would be their place on the said event. And the nephew picked the King of Hearts title. Lucky kid I must say. My only worry is that the nephew is a shy type kid. I am not sure if he will participate well, or wear the attire of the king. They have dance presentation, and I am afraid the nephew will not participate.

The King and Queen of Hearts 2015 was a success. The nephew did well. Even if he is complaining that his Barong (top) is very itchy. Lol He is not that shy anymore but he is not smiling. I am sure that he is happy just that he doesn’t smile a lot. If you want him to smile, you have to pay billion pesos. Haha! He also dances with his partner, the Queen of Hearts. Being the King of Hearts is a wonderful experienced of the nephew, an experience that he would treasure and cherish as he grows older. Something that he could share to his family someday that once in his life he is a king.