Hopefully he will passed

The nephew is done taking the two sets of examination for Kinder 2 in the school where his mom wants him to study. The nephew can now breath and relax after the thorough study in reading, writing, and in math subject. It was like a nightmare for him because he is not allowed to go out and play, no television for the mean time for him to focus and concentrate. I felt sorry for the nephew but this is for his own good, once he passed and will be able to get in, no more pressure like this. In all fairness, the nephew understands the reason why his mom has to do it.

I was the one accompanying the nephew to his last day of examination last week. Honestly, I was so nervous and negative thoughts came in my mind. But when I saw the nephew coming out from the examination room smiling, I feel relieved. I guess the nephew is doing well. The teacher gave us the results of his examination and it is good. The final listings of the students who passed will be posted in the bulletin board this April. I am hoping and praying that the nephew passed the examination. All the effort and sacrifices will be paid off if the nephew passed. Only God really knows. Please God help my nephew. Amen!

Happy 3rd Birthday

My beloved nephew Andrei turns three (3) years old yesterday. We have a little celebration at their abode. Her mother invited some friends, neighbors, and relatives enough to make the celebration a memorable one. Also, a thanksgiving celebration for Andrei’s good health and bubbly three years life. As usual, the older brother and I are the chef cook. The birthday party’s motif is blue and white and spider man. Spider man because the available cake they ordered.LOL It is fine though since the nephew like spider man a bit.

The party started with a pray over of the celebrant. The pray over is to ask God to give the celebrant a good life, guide always, and good health. And giving thanks to God for his life. Even though some invited guests did not able to come, still the celebration is memorable. The traditional blowing of candles on the cake, giving of loath bags, slicing of cake and savoring the foods prepared on the table.

Anyways, I wish the celebration all the best in life. I wish that he will grow up a good person, God fearing one, friendly, and continue being bubbly. Lastly, I wish that he will speak soon because I am really excited to have a simple conversation with him. God bless always nephew and knows that we love you very much! Happy Birthday!

Practicing for the Christmas Festival

Aside from their Christmas party, the nephew is very busy practicing for their Christmas Festival at school. Their Christmas Festival would be next week and the nephew is on his first stage of memorizing the songs they are going to sing as well as the dance steps. I do wanted to help but I am not familiar with the songs. It is a Christian song, but haven’t heard of it. My bad. I told the sister to research and save the video so we can practice at home. But the sister is too busy too preparing for her Christmas party at school.

Yesterday was their first practice on the stage. And the nephew is just standing there and busy looking at his classmates action and he will follow. Poor nephew I must say. In all fairness to my nephew he is eager to learn. I am glad that he can easily cope up with the actions. Good job nephew. I will try to search the songs online, and will help the nephew memorizing the songs. We still have four days left to practice. I am not pressuring the nephew though, I just want him to memorize a little. Good luck to me nephew and I hope you will enjoy your first every Christmas Festival.

Turning five this month

December is here and my nephew is so excited because it is his birth month. He will turn five this 25th of December. Yes, he was born on Christmas Day. I cannot forget that day when he was born because I am at the hospital on the eve of Christmas. I was eating alone in the room while the sister is at the delivery room and her husband is waiting outside the delivery room. It was the best Christmas gift from God to the family I must say. It was like yesterday when the sister gave birth to him, and now he is turning five.

The nephew is so cute because he is making a countdown on his big day. Yes, he is aware that his birthday is on Christmas day and he keeps on asking us on how many more days left and how many sleeps left. While waiting for his big day, the nephew also told us what he wants for his birthday. Oh man, this kid is expensive. He wants scooter and skate board. I was like, where did you get that idea.haha! Well, good luck to her parents because what he likes is a bit expensive. I hope that he will get what he wants for Christmas and on his birthday. Advance happy birthday nephew. Be a good boy always and God bless!

Wish you good health and long live

Tomorrow is the second birthday of my nephew. Times flies really fast, I must say. They are living very far from us. We are so excited because we will be traveling to celebrate with him. The fare is all paid by his mother (my sister-in-law). We are so spoiled. Thanks to my SIL for spoiling us always and for being so good to us. Even though we have misunderstanding and arguments in the past, still you reach out to us. You are a good person, just that there are situations that we are tested and we did not able to handle it well that brings to misunderstanding.

Anyways, I am wishing my nephew a very happy birthday. I pray that you grow up a good boy, responsible person, God-fearing, loving and bubbly. God have given you a wonderful parents. We also pray that you will be safe always and in good health always. You’re two and will not be able to understand our prayers, wishes and hopes that is why I am doing these through sharing it in my blogs. Your journey to wonderful life has just started, treasure every moment of it together with your parents. God bless you always Marllo and you parents. Do not forget to always pray to God for guidance and peace of mind. Happy Birthday again, wish you good health and long live. Love yah!