Feeding program at school

This week is a feeding program at school were my three-year old nephew enrolled. Parents assigned to do the cooking and feeding the kids. The teacher divides us in five groups and gives us the menu too. The menu is easy to cook because most of it are vegetables. The problem is that the kids does not like to eat vegetables that much. We do to make it look delicious to them and appealing so that they will eat it. Based from my experienced at home, it is difficult for me to persuade the nephews and nieces to eat vegetables. But they have no choice because I am the boss they have to obey me.haha!

My group assigned to cook boiled egg dip in a sauce with carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic and red bell pepper. It is very easy, we just have to slice the carrots and potatoes very thinly so that the kids will eat it. And we have to really cook it so it is very easy to chew. As expected the kids did not eat the carrots and potatoes but still we are glad that they like the taste of the sauce and ate the boiled egg. The kids went home smiling because their stomachs are full. The feeding program at school is indeed fun. Also, cooking is surely fun. I have new recipes to add in my cookbook.

Happy to see the development

The nephew started schooling at the age of three. He started very young because his mother wants him to be with other kids because he is lack in human interaction. We already brought him to the pediatrician because of his slow development. At his age, he cannot speak well and he can’t do eye to eye contact. My sister (nephew’s mom) is so worried of the behavior of his son. Even if I told her that his son is normal, just that his developments are slow still she is worried. She went to the developmental pediatrician to have his son check up. They already have an appointment but I refused to bring the nephew there. Instead I suggested to enroll the nephew in the nursery class.

It has been three months now since the nephew attending a nursery class. First two months is really difficult but I extended my patience and praying that my nephew will show developments now that he can interact with other kids. Fortunately the nephew shows developments and I am happy to see it. He can communicate to us now and will answer when he asked. I am so glad that he is improving. We do not have to bring him to the developmental pediatrician. I hope that the development and improvement of the nephew will continue so he will be ready when enrolled in kindergarten next year. Way to go nephew I know and believe that you can do it.

Not allowed to stay anymore

The three months grace periods of allowing the parents to stay inside the classroom is over. The teacher announce lastFriday that parents are not allowed anymore to stay inside the classroom so the kids will learn to be independent. Some parents are worried because they can’t leave their kids for it will surely cry. They can’t leave their kids just yet for they want to look if they kid/s are doing the activity, to see if their kids are well-behave, and their kids knows what to do like to get the notebooks, going to the bathroom and to wash their hands at recess time. I do understand the parents because I can’t leave my nephew just yet, but we have to accept it for the kids sake.

I am confident to leave my nephew though for it will not cry as long as he can still see me. My concern is that the nephew is lack of focus and concentration. He will for sure not going to listen to his teacher because he likes to roam around the classroom and play with the toys there. He has tantrums too if he can’t get what he wants. That worries me much. I am confident though that the teacher will do her duties to control the kids and has the patience in handling different kids of kids behavior. Goodluck to my nephew. I pray they he will do good without my supervision and will participate in their writing activity at school.

First two weeks at school

I have mentioned in my other post that my three (3) year old nephew is now at preschool just like his older brother. We decided to do it at a young age so the nephew will develop social awareness at a young age. Also for him to be able to communicate with other kids. My nephew is very poor in communication. He is exposed to television and playing with gadgets. We admit it is our fault. We almost brought him to the developmental pediatrician but decided to send him to school and see if there is development. If none, we will pursue going to developmental pediatrician.

Anyways, my nephew’s first two weeks is tiring. I can’t force him to just sit down and focus because he likes to run and walk around the classroom. He is like a supervisor in their class.haha! But in all fairness he does take part in their class when I tell him. He writes but his own, I must he mastered the cobweb kind of writing.haha He also put colors on their drawing activity. So far the nephew is doing good. And recognized colors during their color identification oral participation. I do really hope that he will develop more and start to do conversation with his classmates. Good job Andrei for sure you will make us all proud.

Finished with honors

Yesterday was the recognition day of my nephew. The day that we all are waiting for especially his parents. His teacher told me that the nephew has an award. The nephew’s parents took a day off to be with him on his recognition day. I must say they are proud parents. The nephew finished with honors plus four (4) more merits for doing well at school. I am so proud of the nephew because I did not expect that he really did well. Well, he has good scores in every examinations but not expecting that he is good in class participation too.

I will like to extend my congratulations to my nephew for the job well done. Long way to go and I am sure that you have a bright future. Keep up the good works and continue doing well at school. Next school year will be another challenge for you. I pray that you really pass the entrance examination in the new school that you mother wanted you to study. Anyways, because of the awards that the nephew got, his mother bought him new toys as a reward. And he is the happiest kid I have ever seen on that day seeing the gifts he got from his mom. Again, Congratulations nephew!