It’s good to see him smiling


The above photo is one of my bubbly nephew’s pose. I so loved to see him smiling like that. Gives me more energy especially if I am sleepy while watching them playing with his one year old cousin. See that smile? Lovely isn’t it? This is the smile that I missed for six days. Yes, six days because the nephew is sick after the great bonding at the beach a week ago. He was sick and was confined at the hospital because he was dehydrated due to too much discharging of water. The worries are gone now because the nephew is getting better and was discharge at the hospital this afternoon.

When the nephew enters the door this afternoon, I saw him smiling. I can tell that his energy is back and in the mood to play again. haha! He is looking for his cousin Jc right away. How sweet he is. It is really good to see him smiling once again. Welcome home Ronj!!!

Wanted to go home

Last night, I visited my nephew who was admitted in the hospital few days ago. I am not contented with the messages that the brother sent to me. I wanted to see in my own two eyes the real condition of the nephew. I also missed the nephew that is why I visited him together with my brother. When I entered the ward where the nephew is, I am happy because the nephew smiled at me. The sick and weak face of the nephew few days ago is gone. The black color surrounds his eyes is gone already. I am glad that the nephew is getting better. He was dehydrated when the brother and SIL brought him to the hospital.

I am talking to my SIL when I was there. I am happy to know that the nephew is slowly recovering. He is taking his medicines, vitamins, drinking his milk and eating. He is no longer vomiting and discharging of water is reduced to one from more than five times a day. While talking to his mom, the nephew always told his mother that he wants to go home. I bet he is bored lying in the hospital and seeing the same people inside the ward for two days. haha! He wanted to play I guess and missed his older sisters. Well, be patient nephew because you will be going home tomorrow. Just finish the remaining medicines and you will be going home after that. Thanks God that the nephew is getting better now.

The nephew’s stunts

The one year old nephew makes me smile everyday. He is one active little kid I must say because he does little stunts every time he gets bored and in the mood to be funny. He is a smart kid I must say because he knows when I am angry, not in the mood and serious. Sometimes he hugs me, kiss me and ride on me when we both on the bed playing. The same thing when the kids of my brother is same as JC. Yes, JC is the name of my one year old nephew. The bubbly, moody, cute, stubborn and lovely JC. Below are the photos of him that I took.

Photobucket Photobucket

The first photo is him in the mood to just crawling and lying on the floor. I did not bother to tell him to stand up because he won’t. The second photo is when he finished drinking his milk and does his stunts. So cute, right? That is how JC entertains me everyday. Things that his parents missed because they both are working. I am fortunate to see JC’s development each day. I am pretty sure that this little fella will show more of his own stunts as he grows. So there, that is JC. The bundle of joy of the family and his parents.

Not good to bully others

The nephew who will turning three in July loves to bully his sisters and neighbor’s kids. At the very young age, he is like a pester to others. I do not want him to grow up like that because it is not really good to bully others. I do not want him to do it because I know the feeling of being bullied. As much as possible I want the nephew to be a friendly kid to others because no one wants to be friend with bully kid. I have noticed him being like this after days of allowing him to play with other kids outside the house. I am not saying that the neighbor’s kids are bad, just that some kids are not well guided by parents and some are really bully.

Partly, I know that the attitude of a kid gets first from the environment they grow up. And that parents and adults they live with played the big part of how they are interacted with other kids outside their home. This is what I know from our psychology subject at school. This is the reason why I am teaching the nephew and the nieces not to be a pester to other kids. I told then it is not good to bully others. For the mean time, I am not allowing the nephew to go out to teach him a lesson. I wish it will work out.


The nephew is bored


After his afternoon nap, I always bring the nephew outside to take a walk. Walking around the village makes him happy because he gets to see other things. I can feel that he is bored looking at the same things in the four corners of the house. He loves to walk and go outside the house especially when he hears the laughing and screaming of the kids playing outside. I can tell that he wanted to join but at his age he cannot. The nephew is one year and one month old. Too little to join the kids playing outside.

One afternoon after the nephew woke up from afternoon nap, he went directly to the door. As you can see in the picture, he is really bored and wanting to go out. But I am not feeling well plus the weather. Not good to go outside because it is raining. He is looking at me like begging me to please let him out because the kids are outside bathing under the rain. The bored aunt (me), find it cute so I took a photo of his boring look. I so love this nephew of mine because I can sense that he is smart and a very good observer.