My one month old nephew

My one month old nephew is gaining more weight and becoming a bubbly one. I like to carry him and talk to him because he loves to smile every time I talk to him. Even though he can’t see clearly yet, he responds to me through smiling. I am enjoying every second, minutes, hours, days playing with my little nephew. I can’t wait for him to grow, walk, talk and can play with me. I can tell that the other nephew is jealous because he spank his younger brother when I carried and play with his brother. I really love kid/s that’s why I like to spend time with them. Even though where neighbours I missed my bubbly one month old nephew.

Looking at this little fella reminds me of the other nephews and nieces that I babysit for years now. How time really flies so fast, the kids are growing, getting older and now they are five of them that I will love and cherish. Anyways, while this little fella is growing each day, I am enjoying him very much. In few more weeks, his mother will go back to work so he will be under my care. More time to spend with Andrei and more memorable bonding between him and me soon. Things that his mother would miss because seeing their activities and development each day is a treasure.

Mother and son

After nine months of carrying the baby inside her womb, the mother can now hug, kiss, carry and enjoy each moment with her baby. I was looking at my sister and my nephew sleeping together for the first time. Yes, I was there in the hospital waiting for my sister to come out and the baby. I am scared when the schedule CS operation came. I pray that the sister will give birth safely and the baby is in good condition. When the doctor informed us that the baby is in the nursery section, we went there to look at the baby for the first time. We were also informed that the sister is safe but still sleeping. She will be brought to the room after she regains consciousness.

Three hours after the operation, the sister was brought to the room and two hours later the baby was room in. The nurse put the baby besides my sister. I am enjoying looking at them resting and sleeping and took a photo of them. It is so cute to see the image of the mother and the son sleeping together for the first time. This would be one of the unforgettable memories between the two of them. Congratulations sister and welcome baby Mark Nin Andrei.

His 2nd Birthday

Last December 25, 2012 was the 2nd birthday of my nephew. It was a successful celebration even though some of the invited guests did not able to make it. The foods on the table were deliciously prepared by the older brother. He was the chef cook that time. I, on the other hand did prepare the table, chairs, balloons and the sweets. In short, the family did their part to make the celebration a memorable and successful one.

This post should be done last year but because I opted to take my vacation from writing, I just posted it today. I still remember how happy and bubbly the nephew was on his birthday. He keeps on smiling, dancing and running here and there. It seems like he really understand that it was his day/birthday. The time flies really fast indeed. It was like yesterday when the sister gave birth to a very cute little boy. And now he is two years old. Anyhow, the family is so thankful to God for the gift of life He has given to my nephew and for the good health.

Suddenly Disappeared

While I am busy attending the one year old nephew to have his morning nap, the three years old nephew is in the living room watching cartoons with his grandfather (my father). I was hearing the voice of my three years old nephew when suddenly he went silent. I thought he was just busy watching. After 30 minutes, I went outside the room to check my other nephew. I am surprised after seeing that the nephew is not in the living room. Only my father was there and sleeping. Where did the nephew go?

I hurriedly woke up my father telling him to watch the other nephew who is sleeping because I am going to look for the three years old nephew. Lots f negative thoughts that comes into my mind and it makes me more worried. What if something bad happened to the nephew? What if someone took him away? I heard rumors about young ones being kidnapped and I am so worried. I went to the neighbors houses and asked if they saw my nephew. I felt like crying because five of the neighbors said they haven’t seen the nephew. I wanted to scam and shout out loud for I do not know where to find him. I was sitting outside the house thinking of where to find him, when I saw the six years old daughter of the neighbor with the nephew. I feel relieved after seeing the nephew. Thanks God nothing bad happen to them. I wonder where did they go. After the incident I decided to always locked the gate so that the nephew will stay inside the house.

He wants her to carry him

After the sister learns that she is pregnant, she seldom carry her one year old son because he is a bit heavy. I can attest to that. Sometimes I get so tired carrying him at home or every time we went to the mall or go out. The sister is refraining herself from carrying her son because her condition is not good. She feels like fainting sometimes, vomiting and sometimes her abdomen is aching. She went to the OB and told the OB about the abdomen pain. She was told that her womb is contracting and it is not good for her is she carries heavy things. If possible she would get lots of rest for the first trimester. After that, her condition will be better.

Every time the sister gets home from work, her son is very much excited. He is like running around the house, smiling and even crawling on the floor. I can really tell that he really misses his mother. Unfortunately, his mother cannot carry him like she used to do before she got pregnant. She just give her son a hug and kisses. But seems like he is not contented with that because he wants his mother to carry him. The sister will just said that she cannot carry him for now. And because he is young and cannot understand , he just cry aloud. Poor littler baby. I wish he is old enough to understand. I just carried on his mother’s behalf. haha! Just wait for few more weeks JC and your mother will carry you.