With Academic Excellence Award for Second Quarter


Last week was the reading of honors for my grade two nephew. Although we wish him to be one of the tops of his class, we did not expect for the second quarter because nephew was not able to make it in the first quarter. His grades for the first quarter is not enough. We motivate him though to study his lessons, participate in the class activity and lessons and get high scores in quizzes and examinations. It is not easy to challenge and motivate the nephew because he is so playful. He is not the studious type of student.

We were surprised last week because the nephew showed to us his certificate of excellence award. Yes, he is one of the top students at their class and we are so happy for him. The hard work and sacrifices are paid off because of the award that the nephew gets for the second quarter. Job well did I must say. His excellence award makes us so happy and proud of him. It is a long way to go, I just hope that the nephew will continue doing his best to get another award for a third and fourth quarter. Congratulations to my nephew, I am so proud of you. Keep up the good works. Whatever it is with the award or not, always know that we are proud of you.

Visiting my new nephew

Last October 30, 2018, my sister-in-law gave birth to their first baby. It is a boy. I was not able to go with them to the hospital because we are busy preparing for the 2nd birthday of my niece the following day. The brother is so happy telling us that his wife gave birth already via normal delivery. The prayers have been answered because the baby is healthy, the sister-in-law is safe and also it is a normal delivery. They have been praying for this baby for years and now here it is. The pain is worth it, according to my sister-in-law. It is worth it because the nephew is so cute.


I went to visit my nephew last Friday. I visit because the brother asked me to help them how to take the baby a bath, how to carry him properly, how to make the baby burp after feeding him and also brought some things needed by the baby. Yes, I am single and I learned those things through experiences from cousins, aunts, and watching videos online. I get to spend time with the nephew for two days and I am so happy. I missed carrying the baby in my arms, feeding the baby and bathing the baby. I so wish that they live near us so I can visit them anytime I want.

I took photos of my super cute nephew.

Excited to see him dancing

Next week will be the foundation day of the school where my nephews are studying. The students will have their field demonstration and the teachers are very busy preparing and practicing the kids on their presentation. It will be one of the huge celebrations at school and I am so excited to see my nephew perform. I am excited because my nephew is a shy boy. When he was in kinder 1, he does not participate because he is so shy. He will hide behind me and cover his face with his palm every time the teacher calls him. I hope to see the less shy nephew on their field demonstration next week.

At home, my five (5) year old nephew shows us some steps that they practiced at school. I have not seen them practicing because parents are no longer allowed to stay inside the school campus on classes hours. But seeing him, dancing at home makes us happy because it shows that he is not that shy anymore. He seems like excited to perform especially when he finally see their foundation t-shirt. Good luck to the Kinder 2 students, I hope for the best and prayed that they will win on their category. And to my nephew, continue what you are doing and discovering new things to overcome your shyness. We know you can do it and we are so proud of you. Go shake your body and enjoy your presentation.

Kid Scout Investiture Ceremony

Yesterday was the Kid Scout Investiture Ceremony of my nephew at school. I can see the excitement on his face yesterday. The nephew likes his kid scout uniform very much. Even though he did not able to remorize the kid scout law, still he is trying his best. Funny thing is that, he has own words on the kid scout law.haha! I can tell that he is shy no more. I never thought that the nephew would be participating yesterday because he is so shy and lacking of self confidence as what his pediatrician told us. We are happy of his development.

I took some pictures of him yesterday for his remembrance and for his parents to see how he performs and participate yesterday. The investiture ceremony went well, fun (because of the kid’s performance), memorable to all the parents and students, and enjoyable. We are looking forward to their school camping and other kid scout and boy scout activities. Congratulations nephew, you are now the member of kid scout. Hopefully, you will gain more confidence, gain more friends, and be a responsible kid. Keep up the good works and be a good boy always.

Passed the Entrance Examination

This is a bit late but still I want to share it here how happy we are and blessed for the good news we recieved from above. The nephew took the entrance examination at the school that his brother is studying. We really want him to get in the school because the school is really nice. Not like his older brother, this five year old nephew is a shy type, and lack of self-confidence. But we did our best to make him ready for the two days entrance examination. We motivate him and told him that if he will do his best and do well, he will recieve a reward from us. Of course, with lots of prayers.

We got the good few weeks before the enrollment starts. We are the happiest when we saw the name of the nephew passed. It is an answered prayer indeed! Nothing beats the power of prayer I must say. The nephew is now enrolled and his first week was fine. Although he is a bit slow, but we sure he will catch up. I wish you all the best in the ne and big school. Good luck on your kinder 2 life nephew. Remember that you always makes us so proud no matter what. Thank you Lord very much for this wonderful blessing!