Thank you once again!

The sewing of the kids costumes for their recognition presentation won’t be possible without the kind heart of my neighbor. I know this is a bit late post because I borrowed the sewing machine for like three weeks now and done sewing already. It’s just that I got busy with other stuffs offline and I haven’t found time yet to sit down and write something on my blogs. Through this post I want to extend my warmest thank you to my neighbor who lend me her sewing machine. Big thank you for entrusting me your sewing machine. Though we don’t talk much, I really appreciate your trust in me. It was really a big help because I am able to sew the kids costumes. Also, I earned some from sewing other kids costumes.

In case you wonder about the title, I said once again because this is the second time that I am borrowing her sewing machine. The first time was like four months ago, when I sewed costumes for my nephew and nieces for their book parade at school. I am really thankful for the trust you have in me. These words are not enough of how thankful I am of you. May God bless your and your kind heart. Once again, thank you!

Thanks for lending me your sewing machine

I have mentioned in my earlier post that I have made the kids costumes for their book parade at school. I was an instant dressmaker I must say because we do not have budget to pay the real dressmaker. It is my first time to sew a dress and I am pressured and scared. Pressured because I only have three days to finish their costumes and scared that I might ruin the fabrics. My interest in making dresses started when I was younger and seeing my late mother sewed dress for me and my sister. I took a little skill from my mother so to speak. So before starting sewing, I prayed for my mother’s guidance.

Sewing the kids costumes won’t be possible without the generosity of my neighbor. She let me borrowed her sewing machine for days without payment. I am so thankful for her because the costumes made possible because of her. Also thank her for she trusts me even if I do not have any experience in operating her sewing machine. It was really hard to run the manual sewing machine but it is fun. It is an adventure and another challenge for me. I am glad I am able to finish the costumes early without any mistakes. Thanks again for lending me your sewing machine. Till next time. God bless you more!

Thanks to my neighbor

Few days ago, I am craving to eat green mango after I saw the fruits of the neighbor’s mango tree. I wanted to buy some to buy neighbor but I did not bother to try again since the last time I did the same, they said no to me. So, I am just contended watching the mango fruits from their mango tree. I do buy at the market though to satisfy my cravings. But this time, I did not buy because I am out of budget. Yes, my wallet is too poor now because I did lots of payments. I am sad that I am running out of money, but thinking that I am already paid my dues, I am happy about it.

Anyhow, yesterday afternoon one of my closest neighbor arrives from the province of his father and gave me two pieces of green mango. Oh yeah! I am so happy because my cravings were answered. Because I do not have extra to buy green mango at the market, God uses my neighbor to give me mangoes for free. How is that!? The mangoes are so crunchy and so yummy. Thanks to my neighbor for the mangoes. God bless you more and hope you will give me some again when you go back to your father’s province.

Thank you neighbor

The feeling is really great when you received a surprise present from your neighbor. One morning, the neighbor dropped by and give to the father the fruit of his Lanzones (Lansium Domesticum) tree. The thoughtful nneighbor who happens to be my father’s name gives us one plastic of his lanzones fruit. It is fresh from the tree and it is so sweet. Every time we passes by at their house, we do wish to get to taste the fruit one day. The wish was granted when the neighbor handed one plastic of lanzones to father.

Thank you neighbor for giving us Lanzones fruit. Your timing is perfect because I am craving for this fruit for days now. And I am planning to buy at the market. Since you already give us Lanzones, I will save the mony then. Till the next harvest, right? haha! It is really good to become friends with our neighbor because they are the closest person to contact when we needed help aside from our relatives.

Anyways, have yo ever received an unexpected present from your neighbor? What is it and how do you feel after receiving it?