Attending the engagement party

I am so shocked when my cousin called me on the phone and told me that she is getting married and invited us to come to their engagement party. They surprised us all I must say because even their family did not know their plans. I understand though why they preferred it that way it is because my cousin’s family is against in their relationship. All the bad words and curses have thrown into them, but they love for each other wins. They fought and now they won. They do not mind what others think because what is important to them is their love and they both are happy together. And want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Thier engagement party is simple and ended well. Though some of the cousin’s sisters are in bad mood. lol, My cousin is four months pregnant too. I am so happy for her because it is her dream to walk down the aisle, and have a family of her own. Congratulations to my cousin and to her fiance, I prayed that you will have a happy life together. Keep the love burning and always put God in the middle of your relationship. Looking forward to your wedding day. Congratulations in advance and best wishes!

I Am In Love!

This is what I said to someone who always asked me if I ever felt in love. A very common question for me to answer. And same as before my answer is, “Yes, I am in Love”. I am in love with my life, my family, the blessings I have received, my work and especially to God. There are so many reasons for me to felt in love. Seldom noticed by many because they are focus only on one thing. If we are to look around, we will see those things that we neglect to appreciate.

Each day is a blessing for me and I never failed to thanks God each day I wake up and see the sun shines again. No matter how big or small is that blessing, I can tell that I have the same level of appreciating it. There are ups and down in life and those are parts of life. Part of life that we can get strength, inspiration and energy to go on. Life is too short, so enjoy, appreciate and love every bit of it.

If I were to ask you, are you in love? God bless everyone!

Too much love will kill you

The title sounds familiar right? Yes, it is so familiar because this is a title of the famous song. I used this as a title of my post tonight because of the news I have seen on television few days ago and today. The news I saw was about what love can do to someone who is angry and desperate. I can’t believe that a person can kill someone they love so much. Jealousy indeed will make a person do things they wished shouldn’t do. I can say that they have regrets but it is useless because they cannot get back the life they taken.

It is very true that true love will kill you because others do lose their mind because of jealousy. Many say that being jealous is not bad because it only means that the person loves you dearly. But is it still considered love to kill someone? Love is the greatest gift from God to all of us. He died because of love to us. I do not seemed to understand why people can kill someone they love. Act of selfishness I must say, and it is so sad. I wish people will reflect first before doing things that they would regret in the end. Because the true essence of love is to sacrifice and to set them free to find their happiness not to choke them from the relationship which will never work out.

To love and be loved

To love and be loved is the wonderful feeling a person could ever felt in her/his life. It is a mixed emotion of happiness and inspiration. All are wanted to feel this feeling because this is the best way to show that a person is important and cared. But this feeling could be the saddest also if it is unrequited love. Loving someone who does not even care for us is more painful and no one wants this to happen to them.

We all wanted to love and be loved in return, but you have to love first yourselves before loving someone. Because it is difficult to love someone if you do not even know how to love yourself first. As they say, ‘ you cannot give what you do not have’. And so it should start from ourselves for this is the basis of the kind of love that we can give to someone. Also we have to be ready and prepared all the time because love can be painful especially if it is ended. And this is the saddest part of it and acceptance is the key to move on and be ready to love again.


Looking Back….

While I taking my father a bath this morning, memory comes back when I saw my father doing the same thing to my sickly mother. I was only nine years old when my mother got very sick. I cannot help my sickly mother because I am too young to do it. I am thinking if my mother will still alive I can take good care of her when she is in need. I miss my mother so much every time I saw mothers with their kids.

I saw my mother before in a worse condition, all I can do it to watch her and cry seeing her in pain. I felt so sorry for my mother because my sister and me are too young to take good care of her. It is my cousin who takes good care of my mother. While sitting, I am looking back from our life before. It is still fresh in my mind the condition of my mother before. And looking at my father now, nothing is different. They both need our help, care and our love. If only I could turn back the time, I will take care of my mother like I did to my father. I didn’t give the chance to do it because I was too young. I am taking good care of my father the past week, and every time I touch him I always remember my mother and I always think that I am doing the same thing to my mother.