Looking at the blue sky

I am tired and sleepy today. Seems like my yes has its own life because I cannot keep it open. I am browsing on the internet when I feel that my eyes close. haha! I must not close my eyes because the kids are wide awake. I have to keep myself awake to watch the kids that are busy making a mess in the living room. They are playing, fighting and running around the house. Looking at the screen of my laptop makes me more sleepy. I decided to go out for a while and be with the kids who are playing at the terrace.

While sitting at the terrace, I noticed that the sky is so blue. Wow! It has been days that I haven’t seen the blue sky because of the rain. I love watching the sky because I can picture out lots of images by just looking at it. I feel I am an artist looking at the skies. Added to that is the awesome blue color. It is indeed good to go out and see the beauty of nature Also, looking at the blue sky from above takes away the tired and sleepy mood this morning. Good idea also in releasing stress. Now I have found new way of releasing the bad mood.

Do you feel the same thing sometimes? Try to do what I did and see if it works for you because it works for me.

Happy but sad

Few days ago, my uncle passed away. It was the saddest moment of his family. He was confined in the hospital for days but was not able to recover. I felt sad for my cousins and my aunt because they are not ready yet to accept that their father passed away. They wanted him to fight back but then again, my uncle is too weak to recover. My uncle is 78 years old and lives a wonderful life. Though it is not good to say this, but I think 78 years old isn’t bad at all.

Anyways, the death of their father made their family get together. The cousins who are working in northern area of the country went home. They have worked for years there and seldom see their parents and some siblings who live with their parents in the province. They are happy to see each other again but sad because their father passed away. The absence of their father makes the family stronger. They comforted each other and comforted their sad mother. Death means not seeing that particular person, and it will take time to forget and accept. But if we are to think about the happiest moment when they are around, and thinking that the/she is still there watching us would help us in accepting that, that person is now in the place of our Almighty Father.

The job that supports his family

One thing to recognize a blogger is when they are taking pictures anytime and anywhere. Bloggers do love to captures nice spots, and interesting things they have seen on the road, malls, parks, and other places to share something about the captured image on their websites. And that is what I am doing every time I go out of the house. And the image I shared is what I saw when I went to the beach with my sister and her friends.

We were riding on the motorboat on our way to the next island (as you can see the silhouette), when I thought of taking a photo of the man who controls the direction of the motorboat. When the boat is on the right direction, this man immediately turn on the motor. I get the chance to talk to this man after he sits down in from of the motorboat. He has been doing this job since the day the resort started to operates. I am amazed when he told me that his job supports her family financially. What a noble job I must say. He didn’t bother the heat and the waves everyday. To him, he is doing this for his family. Kudos to this man for his job is one of a kind. Something that we should be proud of. For without him/them, we cannot reach to the resort.

Brighten up your bathroom

Just like any other house, the bathroom is also another place that we must give importance. Fixtures and effects need to be good and relaxing, because its also a place in our house that we share to our visitors and guests. When we are having a party or celebration we make ready of our bathroom so that our guests and visitors would not say anything bad. If we dont like to have a bad comments from our guests and visitors we need to make our bathroom lighting fixtures more fascinating to their eyes. Pleasing our guests and visitors are a really good feeling.

Now that we have the chance to make our own bathroom, I would really make the best out of it. I would really make sure that I would provide the best what it could bring. Especially bathroom ceiling lighting that give more effects to a certain piece in the place.

A lot of my friends, offer suggestions and comments. Each one of it, I am going to consider as long as it would give more effects to my own bathroom. I am really excited of putting it all into reality, I really can’t wait. For now I am just contented on keeping all my materials ready and fixtures that I’ll be putting inside my bathroom.

Facing up the failure

As we all know failure is inevitable. It happens unexpectedly and we are off guarded. It does affects our priorities in life especially when we are not able to handle the failure well. Failures has different level. There is failure that easy to handle and some are not. This makes the situation well, and will ruins our depositions in life. The worse scenario is that some gives up their life and do not wish to move on. Not a good attitude that needs to be solved for the individual to continue moving and do not wish to stop.

Failures affect our priorities in life because when failure comes,we may lost focus and concentration. We do not know what to do to make it right. We tend to let it control us instead of making it as a tool to strive hard and do better next time. We have to keep in our mind that failure is somewhat a trial for us to test our eagerness to achieve our goals and ambitions in life. Facing the failure with happy face and embrace it with all our hearts. Talk to the family and share your concerns and things that bothers you/us. This is the proper way of facing the failures in life.