Our Christmas Tree is Up

If I were to decide, I would not want to put up the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree last year fell so many times because of the kids. They are not contented by just looking at it. They wanted to touch it and grab the Christmas balls. I have to be alert always to keep the safety of the tree. Funny is that the kids are watching me, and if I am not looking they will touch and grab it again. Kids are kids, the more you tell them not to touch it, the more they’ll get curious. If the tree could talk, it will probably say enough. LOL

But because the kids are bugging me almost everyday, I decided to put up the Christmas tree yesterday. They are get jealous of the decorations, the Christmas tree and lights at the neighbors house. It took me three hours to make it done because the nephews (ages 2 and 4) are also too busy playing with the Christmas balls and asking me lots of whys. They keep me busy putting the Christmas tree and answering their out of nowhere questions.haha! These two gremlins always makes my day exciting and colorful. But I do love their curiosity always. Don’t grow up so fast kiddos.

Because they get bored easily

Since I worked at home I seldom go out. My life evolves by doing house hold chores, taking care of my siblings kids, and doing my stuffs online. This is the reasons why I do not have time to go out and unwind. My vacant day is Sunday only, but I prefer to stay at home and relax. Sometimes I want to go out and unwind, however, I cannot do it without thinking who will take good care of the kids. One Saturday, I am in the mood to go out and spend the day with the kids at the mall. I seldom treat them so I told my sister about it. I am glad that she agreed. We went to the mall and bring the kids to the playhouse that they wanted to go. While the sister and I do the window shopping. It’s been a while since the last time we did window shopping.

After an hour, we go back to the playhouse and get the kids. The treat would not be complete without treating them to our favorite Chinese restaurant called Mandarin. We went there and ordered our favorite foods. The waitress said that we have to wait for 20-30 minutes for the food to served. The kids started to get bored and very noisy. We tried to divert their attention to other things but still they want to move out of the high chair. To avoid them from creating noise in the restaurant, the sister give to the nephew the spoon to play. Glad that they sit still.whew! It is not easy to keep the kids quiet and stay still because they get bored easily.

My love for kids

My passion to be with kids started when I was young. I love to play the role of a mother every time my friend and I are playing. I like to take care of them, get them dressed and fed them even it is just an imaginary one. It was because of my mother’s teachings. I remember my mother loves to dress my sister and I like a doll. And also she loves to sew us a dress. Those scenes made a mark in my mind and always think that one day I can do that to my own kids. An out of nowhere dreams for a six years old kid right? But that was how I think back then.

Those memories are still intact in my mind up to now that I am a bit older. At present I am taking good care four kids. My brother’s and sister’s kid. They are messy and hard headed but I have the patience because kids are like that. The thing that would make me angry is when they are fighting. I really do not like seeing them fighting. Yes, they are child and that is normal but I do not like them to fight. As much as possible I want them to love one another because they are siblings. My sister’s son is just nine months old and not making a mess yet. These four kids make me so busy each day, but I love to be with them because they make me smile. They are funny at times and that what I like about them. Seeing them growing each day and their developments each day is a treasure.

Have to bring home presents

Before, every time I go out of the house I always bring the kids with me because no one will look after them. My father does not want me to leave the kids to him because he said he can’t take a nap, which I understand because the kids are so noisy and messy. This is the reason I seldom go out to meet with friends because no one will look after the kids. But now that the two girls are old enough to look after their younger brother, I can go out and have fun meeting with my friends. I enjoyed my life now because I do not have to think of the kids anymore.

I am glad that I can go out when I want to especially during weekend because the nieces will look after their brother, but there is a problem arises. The girls agreed to look after their younger brother provided that I will bring presents for them when I get back home. Arghs! Well, it is better than to bring them with me. I am happy then I can go out without them, but sad because I have to make sure I have something to give to them when I get back home. It is an expenses but it is ok because kids are kids.

Give me a break

I just got home yesterday morning from long travel all the way from Bohol to Davao (Philippines). I wanted to take some rest and more time to sleep after hours of travel. However, I was not able to take a good rest because I have to attend two kids of my siblings. I have to keep myself awake while the kids are awake and I am so tired. Good thing it is weekend and I can have rest because someone will look after the kids.

I woke up early today because I have lots of laundry to do. I need to start early to finish early because I have an appointment to go to the mall to meet a friend. But sad to say I might not able to go out today because no one will look for the kids. That someone that supposed to look after the kids has her appointment and gone early.

I was doing my laundry while the kids are playing. They are fine at first but after a few minutes of playing they are fighting.arghs! Gosh, give me a break! How can I finish early if I am going here and there from time to time? How I wish my brother and father will help me in looking after the kids while I am doing the laundry. Good luck to me and I hope I finish on time.