Sleepover at my sister’s house

Last night I stayed overnight at my sister’s house. This is not new to me because I always do this every time the sister’s husband went to his parents (in the province). I just accompanying her while her husband is not around. Before I was the only one sleeping at their house, but now we are three. My nieces went with me too. They want to sleep in the air-conditioned room. For several attempts of begging to their mother, their mother said yes. The girls are very happy and excited. They brought with them blanket and their body pillow.

I like to sleepover at my sister’s house because of my two nephews. Every time I sleepover at their house, they want to sleep beside me and they keep on talking to me. It is like we have not seen each other for a long time. Yes, they are very sweet kids like me. Last night they did not know that I will sleep at their house. When I went there they are already sleeping. When I open my eyes early this morning, the first faces that I saw are my nephews smiling at me and said “Tita” (Aunt in english). Isn’t it sweet? I hope to sleep there more often so the nephew and I can bonding before going to sleep.

Looking at the blue sky

I am tired and sleepy today. Seems like my yes has its own life because I cannot keep it open. I am browsing on the internet when I feel that my eyes close. haha! I must not close my eyes because the kids are wide awake. I have to keep myself awake to watch the kids that are busy making a mess in the living room. They are playing, fighting and running around the house. Looking at the screen of my laptop makes me more sleepy. I decided to go out for a while and be with the kids who are playing at the terrace.

While sitting at the terrace, I noticed that the sky is so blue. Wow! It has been days that I haven’t seen the blue sky because of the rain. I love watching the sky because I can picture out lots of images by just looking at it. I feel I am an artist looking at the skies. Added to that is the awesome blue color. It is indeed good to go out and see the beauty of nature Also, looking at the blue sky from above takes away the tired and sleepy mood this morning. Good idea also in releasing stress. Now I have found new way of releasing the bad mood.

Do you feel the same thing sometimes? Try to do what I did and see if it works for you because it works for me.

New schedule of household chores

I started giving the girls assignments at home two years ago. I wanted them to help in doing the chores at home at early age so that they will grow being a responsible person. It was not easy teaching them because they are not paying attention then. All they wanted to do is to go outside and play with their friends. I just told them that they are allowed to go outside and play only when they are done doing the chores I assigned to them. So instead of complaining they do the chores assigned to them so they can play with their friends.

They have been doing well with the chores assigned to them. I have helpers at home. They have been doing the same chores for a while now and I thought of doing some changes. I will make new schedule of household chores because the kids are getting at school especially the niece who is graduating from elementary. Also, I would like to make new assignments for them so they won’t get bored doing the same chores. It would be new assignments, new chores and new obligations. When I am done with the scheduling I will let the girls know right away. I hope it is fine with them and I hope they find it more interesting and challenging.

Playing with the kids before classes starts

Before the busy and study time starts, the sister and I decided to treat the kids at the mall and play with them. We went to the play area and having fun. I am also having fun with them. To be honest I haven’t tried to play at the Time Zone (the play area). It was my first time to go there and I must say I am having so much fun. I felt like a kid again.haha! We play basketball, bowling, and other games for kids that I don’t know what it is called.LOL And I tell you, it is a moment that I will treasure forever.

We played for more than an hour and I am so tired. I really felt my age after we play games. The challenge is that when you play good, you will get more tickets and one ticket is equal to one points. The more points the biggest chances of getting any stuffs/items you like. Unfortunately, we did not able to hit the points on the item that the kids wanted to have. Better luck next time kids. The most important is that we are having fun and we did have an awesome time together before you will go back to school and will be very busy studying. Thank you, kids, for you make me feel young again!

Traveling with kids

After one night and two days of travel, we finally arrived safely at the province of my parents. I am traveling with my father, older brother and two nephews. I really love to travel, but this time I am not enjoying it that much. Indeed traveling with kids will make you exhausted especially if it is a long travel and you have to ride in a bus and vessel. Transferring from bus to vessel is very tiring. In addition to that, you are carrying you luggage. How is that!? I prefer to travel alone or with my father with me. Fewer worries I must say.

But still it is a wonderful experience for me. Even though I did not get enough sleep because of the kids. Experience that will be added in my memory and will treasure those memories forever. Our travel is very much tiring but seeing the nephews amazed of the things they have seen while traveling will make the travel fun and exciting. Anyways, I am so thankful to God for we arrived safely to our destination. Are kids are having fun playing with their cousins and enjoying the white sand beach this morning. More memories to remember with this two kiddos in our seven days vacation.