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Start buying things a their home

The brother moved out of the house for months now. He s starting his own family and starts buying things at their home. He is done buying furniture stuffs. Now he is investing on their sounds system. Knowing my brother,he would surely buy the best sound system for their home. And to make it more fun my brother wants to add the irig keys to their sound system. He will just download his favorite songs in the USB and he can listen to it anytime at home.

Perfect store when buying musical instruments

When we shop we always look for a products that are on sale and offers huge discounts. Because we save some and also we can buy more than one product/item. Just like when we are buying parts for our musical instruments. We need to look for a brand that is of good quality and product that is on sale. It is a bit difficult but when you used guitar center you will never have a hard time looking for the brand, products, and parts of your musical instruments. Added to that is that they offers huge discounts and great deals. This is the perfect store when buying musical instruments.

The night before

Five days ago was the wedding day of my brother. We went to the province where his fiancee lives to attend the wedding and of course to witness the brother’s happiest moment of his life. We arrived at the place the night before the wedding. Because we are very much excited, we can’t sleep that night and we decided to stay up late and the brother played the guitar for us. It was indeed a memorable moment for the family because we had our simple bonding that night. Looking at the brother playing the guitar made me realized I need to practice more so I can play the guitar for them the next time we do the same bonding. However, before doing that I guess I need to buy gretsch guitars at guitar center so I can be more inspired to practice more. Since my time is limited, I need to manage my time and make a schedule so that I have time to practice playing guitar. I am crossing my fingers.

The kids at the parade

A week ago the city celebrates the 76 Araw ng Davao. I went to the city to see the parade on the street. At the parade I saw lots of drum and bugle corps from different schools in the city. Most of them are from grades school that makes the parade an interesting one. I say interesting because the kids are very much talented especially those who played the drums. They were so cute to look at dancing while hitting the drums they carry. The kids played dw drums guitar center. Their school only choice this brand because of the quality and the style. To me it is a good choice I think because the drums are very much attractive. And the look is a bit different from the drums that other schools are using.