Giving away my sling bag

I always believe in the saying “it is better to give than to receive”. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have the things that we want. Just like me, I do have list of the things that I am dying to have, however, considering my situation I guess I have to admit that those stuffs are just a dream to me. Too good to be true, but I am open to possibility that I will be able to have some of those in my list. I must admit I am envious when I saw someone having the things that I like. How fortunate they are to have the things they like and want. Getting envy is normal I guess, but I am trying my best to not to.

Anyways, few days ago the family and I went to my aunt’s place. We were attending the nine days novena for my late cousin. After the novena, I am having conversation with my other cousins when one cousin got interested in my sling bag. She asked me if I could give it to her. I did not respond at first because I do not have extra sling bag. I have just given away my other sling bag few months ago. However, thinking about giving is a joy in once heart so I talked to the family especially to my sister about it. The sister decided to just give it away. I did give my last sling bag to my cousin that day. It makes me happy seeing her smile after accepting the sling bag. Indeed, the feeling is great to give and bring happiness to other/s.

Selecting the clothes to give

Because Christmas is the season of giving, there are groups of people who are doing charity works by giving used clothes and foods for the less fortunate ones. It is a good way of sharing our blessings to our fellowmen. Even though the clothes are used, yet it is still usable because it is in good condition. In this simple way, we are able to make them happy by sharing what we have. I and my sister have been doing these stuffs for years now and it becomes a habit to me. The feeling is really great seeing their smiles after accepting the stuffs from us.

Today I am checking my closet to look for some used clothes that I am going to bring to the charity groups. I have noticed that I do not have many clothes in my closet to give because I have given several early this year. Even though, I will sort out my clothes and pick those I do not use much and give it away. It would be a tough job for me because what I have now in my closet are my favorites, maybe I will pick my less favorites. Besides giving something to less fortunate ones is a joy in our hearts forever.

Do you give gifts?

Woot! Woot! The month of December sets in. I can really feel the Christmas season, the cold blowing of the wind, the Christmas decorations on the streets, malls, houses, schools and other establishments. Also, the malls and other department stores are so busy because shoppers are doing early Christmas shopping. Indeed, this particular month makes the people spent a lot. Agree? Yes, very much! Even I spent a bit during this season. It is because I like to give gifts to my love ones and people who are dear to me.

I believe in the saying that “It is better to give than to receive.” I am trying to follow this saying, even in my simple ways. The reason I am mentioning about giving gifts this Christmas season because I love to give gifts. It is my way of sharing the blessings that I have received from up above. Giving of gifts is like sharing my blessings to others. Besides, Christmas is the season of sharing and giving.

Anyways, do you give gifts during this time of the year? Why do you give gifts? Do you give and expect something in return? If you’re giving gifts, how is your shopping so far?

Giving back the favor

Back then when I do not have work and I stay at home, it was my older sister who gave me lots of things and money. She is very kind to me. Every time she give me something, I always put in my mind that one day I will give back what my sister has gave me. My sister is not expecting me to pay back the things that she has given to me because to her it is better to give than to receive. But I think giving back the favor is one way of saying I do care and I appreciate the things that she has done for me. I am so lucky to have a sister like her.

Anyways, I am saying this because my dream to give the sister presents come true. I am now earning and giving my sister things that she deserves. Not all though. Just the things that I can afford to buy. Since she is my inspiration, my best friend and my supporters, I am sharing to her the blessings that I have received from blogging. She believes in me and always there to give me strength and encouragements. Without her, I do not know I can go this far. These are reasons why I want to give back the favor that the sister did for me.