Thanks for the gifts

Oh yes, I am one spoiled little sister especially on Christmas. My two older brothers will give me presents, my sister-in-law and my older sister. I am expecting to receive presents from them though every year but of what it is surprises me. My siblings give me something I did not expect from them. The effort they put just to give me present/s makes me feel special. And makes me think of how close they know me because they give me things that I really like. I appreciate how thoughtful my siblings are. I am a spoiled sister indeed!

Early this month, my older sister already gave me presents. I so like it and so happy receiving the early Christmas gift from my sister. Last night, I received a watch from my older brother. I am the happiest person in the world. I am not expecting that the brother will give me a watch because he already gives me money to for me to buy anything I want. Also gives me money so I can watch the favorite that will be shown this Christmas. To my older brother and sister, thanks for all the gifts you have been given me. My other older brother hasn’t give me anything yet, another surprise is yet to come. Thanks to all of you. God bless and love you!

It’s late but still excited

My far away friend is going to send me his birthday gift. Though it is too late because my birthday was last month, still I am so excited. He already showed to me the stuffs he bought for me, but hasn’t mailed yet for some reasons. We have been online friends for four years I guess. We treasured our friendship a lot because it is seldom to find good friends online. He is indeed a good friend because he remembers my birthday. I am so blessed to find a friend like him online. The last time we talked, he told me that he will mail the gifts soon. Nyay! I am so excited!

I hope that it will reach on our doorstep. There are so many issues about lost letters, packages, and boxes in the post office. I do hope that my gifts will arrive. When the gifts arrives, I will for sure shared it here what is inside. I already know what is inside because he showed it to me, but still I am so excited. Thank to you my friend for the gifts and for the friendship. You are so thoughtful. May God bless you more and may you live longer life.

Early gift from the sister

The sister always told me that she will be giving something for me this Christmas. As her way of saying thank you from the favour I did to her. Well, if you did not know I babysit the sister’s son since she does not have a babysitter. I am not expecting something in return because I do it out of love. We are family and family does helping each other, right? I am extending my hands to any of my family member to help if I could. It is always a good feeling to be able to help.

Anyways, the sister already given the gift she told me to give to me. As expected, she did give me the one that I wanted to have. It is not in kind because the sister knows I have something that I wanted to buy. That gives her an idea to give me cash instead of kind. Awesome! In fact she did give extra. How is that? Indeed my sister is a kind and giving sister as always. Thanks sister for the gift. Love you much!

How about you? Did you receive an early gift/s too? What is it? Mind to share? Or did you give early Christmas gift/s?

Do you give gifts?

Woot! Woot! The month of December sets in. I can really feel the Christmas season, the cold blowing of the wind, the Christmas decorations on the streets, malls, houses, schools and other establishments. Also, the malls and other department stores are so busy because shoppers are doing early Christmas shopping. Indeed, this particular month makes the people spent a lot. Agree? Yes, very much! Even I spent a bit during this season. It is because I like to give gifts to my love ones and people who are dear to me.

I believe in the saying that “It is better to give than to receive.” I am trying to follow this saying, even in my simple ways. The reason I am mentioning about giving gifts this Christmas season because I love to give gifts. It is my way of sharing the blessings that I have received from up above. Giving of gifts is like sharing my blessings to others. Besides, Christmas is the season of sharing and giving.

Anyways, do you give gifts during this time of the year? Why do you give gifts? Do you give and expect something in return? If you’re giving gifts, how is your shopping so far?

Fairy Hobmother is Finally Here

PhotobucketThe first time I heard about Fairy Hobmother here in blogosphere, I am so intrigued of the gifts that he gives to the lucky ones. I so wish that one day this famous fairy would give some time to visit my blogs/sites. I have followed Fairy Hobmother by visiting and commenting on the posts where this fairy is featured and his way of granting wishes. I am hoping, praying and wishing that it will be sooner. True enough, Fairy Hobmother finally pay a visits in my sites. woohoo!

One morning, I saw an email in my inbox from Fairy Hobmother. At last he is finally here. I am smiling while reading his email and his gifts for me. Fairy Hobmother made my day. I thought fairies are just for kids, but it’s not because fairies are for everybody who are wishing and praying for their wish to come true. The Fairy Hobmother’s gift for me is one of the most wonderful gifts I have received this year. I am so happy and blessed. Fairies are really true and soon he will grant my wish. Thank you Fairy Hobmother for the wonderful gift and for sharing to me your blessings.

Fairy Hobmother is giving away gifts like Amazon vouchers, paypal cash or have one of the Top Five Washing Machines. And he is spreading his gifts to everyone out there. Just leave your precious comment and your blogs/sites. Who knows this fairy will be knocking on your door and giving you one of the best gifts ever. Also, follow him on Twitter and give him your sweet hi!