Thanks for the gift

I have bragged in my other post that my birthday was full of surprises. First, was a surprise early morning greeting from my four years old nephew. I am so touched because he whispered on my ear while I was sleeping. Second, was a birthday cake from my sister. And lastly, a gift from a friend who is now living in the other side of the world. It was indeed a surprised because I did not expect that she would be giving a gift. She said sorry first for not greeting me on my birthday because she is busy with her work.

Even though it is late, she did greet me happy birthday and wish me all the best and happiness in life. Better late than never I must say. My birthday was a blast because of the unexpected things happens. To my friend Pinx, thanks a lot for the gift. I would surely buy something for me from the gift you sent. Also thanks for the friendship. I so wish that we will see each other again in the near future. I wish you and your family well and may God bless you always. Again, thanks for the gift my friend.

I want this as a gift

It is like yesterday when the world celebrates Christmas and New Year. Now, we are half way there. Five more months and we will be celebrating Christmas and embracing New year. How time really fly so fast nowadays. Anyways, I am saying this because some people at this early, buys gifts and presents that they will give to their love ones. At this time also, various of items on sale at the malls and department stores started. In fact, I am doing my window shopping already of what would be the nice gifts that I could give to my family.

Giving gifts during special occasions like Christmas is showing the love and care we have to our love ones. It doesn’t matter whether is it expensive or not because it is the thoughts that counts. If someone would asked me of what gift I would like to receive, I would definitely say the flip cameras. Why? Because I am a frustrated photographer and I want to capture every moment of my life and capture interesting objects, scenes, spots, and adventure I see and experience. So to my friends and love ones if you think of giving me a gift, you know what I wanted to have. Thanks is advance. wink

Perfect gift for baby shower

In two months time, a friend will give birth to her first baby. Before her due date comes, we wanted to throw a baby shower for her baby. We wanted to welcome her baby with lots of wonderful gifts that the baby can use everyday. My sister and I are thinking of giving her baby the best gift ever. I wanted to give her a complete set of baby stuffs. It is easy to find a gift for the baby because we already knew the gender of her baby. The sister and I came up with the idea of buying a baby gift basket for her baby. It is perfect gift because all the stuffs that the baby will be needing is inside the basket. I am pretty sure that our gift would be one of the awesome gifts that a friend would be receiving on the upcoming baby shower for her baby. I am very much excited to give it to her as well as the sister.


Valentines day gift for her

Valentines day is one special day for couples. It is the day were they spend time together and giving gifts to someone they love like girlfriend and wife. Mostly, guys give gifts to their woman on this special day. This is what I have noticed from the brothers who give gifts to their girlfriend and wife. Thinking of what to give on this very special day is a bit difficult especially if you do not know what to give and if she likes what you give to her. If you were thinking of giving your woman a nice gift for valentine’s day, sexy lingerie is a good option. It would for sure make her feel sexy and beautiful. One good valentines day gift for her.


Love Yourself

God has given us the most precious gift. It is the gift of life that we have to take good care and enjoy. Since it is His gift to us, we should love it and treasure it. Whatever we do to ourselves, we are doing it to him. We only have one body and it is right to value it. It is a privileged to have given such a precious gift like this that we have to make the best out of it.

I am saying this because I have observed some individuals who do not value their life that much. Drink too much, work too much, and do not eat well. Though their are many reasons why they are doing it, but I think it is our duty to take good care of this life and body that God has given to us. It is very true that working hard for the family is good but our body needs to rest to regain the energy. How can we work if our body is not cooperating due to too much tired? No matter how much we work hard if only the mind is working because the body is weak, it is useless. No one will love us and take good care of it but us. Because we know and feel when we are tired and needed to get some rest. Too much of something is bad if it is our life is at stake. Value the life and love yourself. God bless everyone!