Early Christmas Treat for my friends

They say that true friendship is very hard to find.  Once you found it, you have to treasure it, take care of it and love it.  When you have the chance, find time to treat or be with them to have great bonding to catch up on the days you missed because of your busy lives.   I have lots of friends, but unfortunately, I have not seen many of them.  I do not know their whereabouts and I am sad of that truth.  Luckily, I have friends which I am still in contact with them.  We talked almost every day on Facebook.

Because Christmas is fast approaching and I’ll be very busy, I made scheduled to have a date with the two of my treasured friends.  I have contacted them and I am glad they are free.  We had our bonding two weeks ago.  I treat them to lunch and dinner, bought gifts for them when we went to the mall and went to the park.  It was one day of fun and lots of talking, but still, a day is not enough.haha!  It feels good to be with friends and made them smile with your simple gestures.  It is nice to see them smiling and thanking me for the treat.  You are always welcome girls.  I love you both and will treasure our friendship forever.  Till our next bonding.

It’s good to see you again ladies


During weekend, I preferred to stay at home that going out. I like to take the opportunity to take a lot of sleep and rest to regain my energy from taking care of the kids. Especially now that I get easily tired because I am not getting any younger. Though sometimes I like to go out and unwind when I get bored at home or I felt that the home is so noisy. I like to be away from the kids sometimes and have my me time. I mean, I need to pamper myself sometimes. It feels good too to go out and enjoy the life of being single.

Last Sunday, a friend who is on vacation wants to meet. It has been three years I think when we had our first meeting. I am so excited to see her again with my other friends. It was a great bonding I must say. We talked a lot of things, smile and laugh, eating, and the likes. It was fun I must say. Thanks for the treat Claire, for the free rides Mary Anne, and Kat. The foods are sumptuous. No time for diet last Sunday. haha! It was really nice seeing you again ladies. Thanks for the friendship as well. Till our next meet up.

Friends for life

I took this photo a week ago while these fellas are celebrating the birthday of their friend. they are my neighbors and friends of my brother. They have been friends for more than a decade I must say. Some of them are professionals, married and some are working on the field they chosen. I admire their friendships because they do value it a lot. Every time one of them are celebrating their birthday, they see to it that they celebrates it with the celebrant. Their friendship is simple and sometimes intriguing. I have seen them fighting for real, having fun, making jokes at each other, sharing girls (which is common to guys haha!), and playing. Yes, playing basketball makes this friendship as stronger as ever. Though they have met other people, and friends but their friendship is still there. Seeing each other and have this kind of talking is a proof that they do value the friendship that they have established for years. Too bad my brother is not here because he lives far from the city. It flatters me though because these guys do asked me sometimes about my brother. Which means they missed my brother.

I am their older sister so to speak. And I am glad that they respected me a bit. Though some of them is not so good to me, I do understand it because that’s their attitude. I have seen some of them growing and I can tell that the attitude of each. So, every time they make a joke on me, I just smiled at them. Anyways, I hope that this friendship will last longer and will leads to forever. Also, I pray that they will treasure this friendship because the kind of friendship that they have is one of a kind. The friendship that others would love to have.

The Birthday Girl

Birthday is the most important day and occasion in ones life. The very first day where we experienced the gift of life. When this day comes, we love to celebrate it with our family, close friends, love ones and relatives. This maybe one of the reasons why this pretty lady Abegail on the photo went back home all the way from Norway. Yes, she went home to celebrate her special day with her family, friends, and relatives here in the Philippines. She is a friend of my sister since high school. I envy the kind of friendship they have. However, I am happy because I am always invited every time they have gatherings. Adopted one so to speak. Thanks a lot for always inviting me and consider me one of your friends. (feeling close) haha!

Anyways, she is such a sweet person to treat her friends on her special day ( including me). Thanks very much Abegail. I wish you all the best in life. Good health, happy family and more blessings to come. May God bless you always!

P.S. That guy behind her is serenading us and singing happy birthday while we are savoring the yummy foods on the table.

Go out with blogger friends

I meet these blogger friends of mine online. We became a bit closer because we interact one another in the network group we belong. The first time I am invited to joined the group, I am hesitant to talk to them because they are close to one another already. As a newbie, I just keep quiet, read their funny conversations and laughed with it. I am just observing what it is like to be in the group of bloggers. It turns out that they are good people, plus we are from the same region. Because I enjoyed their conversation, I tried to comment on one of their conversation. They replied and that is the beginning of our online friendship.

After months of talking online, we decided to meet one another. We set up a date, time and place. And this dinner with happens today. I am so excited to meet finally my online blogger friends. They are superior to me that is why I am shy to talk to them at first. While having our dinner, we talk of different blogging experiences and life’s experience. Seems like we meet before many times because we laughed a lot. The night was so good and I go home smiling. I am glad I finally meet my online blogger friends and had dinner with them. I pray that our friendship will lasts longer and looking forward for another night out. Thank you girls, I enjoyed a lot. It was nice to meet finally you in person for the first time.