I wish her good luck

My friend is married for 11 years now. She is blessed with two wonderful kids. She is a full time housewife. She take good care of her family very well. She has thought of working abroad years ago, but her husband is not allowing her. He said he will work hard for his family and provide the needs of the family. They are living the simple and happy life. However, their kids are growing fast. And soon her eldest will enter college. She wants her sons to finished studies till college because she did not able to attend college due to financial issues.

Thinking about the future of her sons and family made my friend decide to push through working abroad. Good thing that her husband said yes. The salary of her husband is not enough for college education of her sons. Her husband think about it and said yes. It is a very difficult decision for her but for the welfare of her family and future of her kids she will do it. Now she is in the agency to do some training. I wish my friend good luck. And I wish that she will succeed and may God bless her always.

Thanks for the gift

I have bragged in my other post that my birthday was full of surprises. First, was a surprise early morning greeting from my four years old nephew. I am so touched because he whispered on my ear while I was sleeping. Second, was a birthday cake from my sister. And lastly, a gift from a friend who is now living in the other side of the world. It was indeed a surprised because I did not expect that she would be giving a gift. She said sorry first for not greeting me on my birthday because she is busy with her work.

Even though it is late, she did greet me happy birthday and wish me all the best and happiness in life. Better late than never I must say. My birthday was a blast because of the unexpected things happens. To my friend Pinx, thanks a lot for the gift. I would surely buy something for me from the gift you sent. Also thanks for the friendship. I so wish that we will see each other again in the near future. I wish you and your family well and may God bless you always. Again, thanks for the gift my friend.

Thank You Anne

I know this post is a bit late, but still I want to extend my gratitude to my friend Mary Anne for helping me with my EON card. I have been in trouble linking my EON card to PayPal. I do not want another charge for sending the wrong details so I asked her to help me with my EON debit card. Although I am ashamed to ask her, I still do because I do not know where to find any help. The only way to do is to contact the customer service. Unluckily, we do not have any land-line phone. I have tried several times using my mobile phone but it doesn’t allow me. This is the reason I am asking for Anne’s help because she has land-line phone. I am so glad that she said yes.

Even though she has sore throat, still she tried to call the customer service for me. After following the instructions, finally my EON debit card is now linked to PayPal. I am so happy because my agony is finally over. I can now transfer my money from PayPal to my bank account. I am able to withdraw the money after three days. I am so thankful to Anne for the helped. I do not know what to do without you (funny but this is true). Again, thank you Anne for the help. May God bless your kind heart always!

Thanks very much Mary Anne

Last Sunday, my internet connection is really bad and I do have lots of writing tasks to be done. I was on panicked because I wanted to finish it before the cut-off time. I am rebooting my laptop many times, done the troubleshooting, but still the connection is very bad. I cannot open even a single browser. It is frustrating I must say. I thought of slapping my laptop. That is how frustrated and disappointed I was with my internet connection. But even if I do that, still my internet connection won’t come back to normal.

I am glad that my friend Mary Anne (Mary Anne’s Musing is one of her multiple blogs) is online. I asked her if I could go at their place to use her Wi-Fi connection. I am so desperate to finish my tasks on time. I am so happy that she said yes. And because she stayed at their home the whole day, I grabbed the opportunity to finish my tasks. With Mary Anne’s kind heart and help my little brain, I was able to finish my writing tasks. Thanks very much Mary Anne for the free Wi-Fi and the foods. I would love to go back again because your internet connection is fast, plus the free foods. Haha! God bless you more Mary Anne.

She loves to go to fortune teller

I have a friend loves to go the fortune-teller. She goes there every time she is confuse and wanted to have at least an idea of a certain things. She goes there especially if she wants an answer about her current love life and career in life. There is nothing wrong about it I guess, because at some point it makes us aware of somethings. Also, we can get idea of what should be done to have and get what we wanted. There are lots of people who believes in fortune-telling that is why they go visit psychics and asking questions about their love life, career, job and business if they be successful in these fields.

Going to fortune-teller is not for free. My friend has to pay money every time she go to the fortune-teller. She told me it is worth it because she is satisfied with what the fortune-teller is telling her. Because she has to pay money every time she go there, my friend stops going there for now. Times is really hard that is why she set aside going to fortune-teller for a while. She misses going there especially if she is confuse of certain thing and want some answers. But she has to control because she does not have extra money to pay for the fortune-teller. Good thing there is available free psychic chat online. My friend can talk to psychics anytime and any day she wants at home.