Back to online chores

Being sick is not in my vocabulary because it makes me weak and no one will take good care of my nephews and niece. And I cannot do my online stuff and blogging chores. Unfortunately, I had the flu and was in bed for four days. I felt so tired and can’t move my body. I took medicines that my sister gave me but it does not help at all. I guess I need time to rest. Just lay down, sleep more and stop doing house chores. I felt sorry for my sister because I was not able to help her with the kids for I felt so weak. I promised to update my blogs regularly this month but was not able to do so because my body is asking me to get some rest.

After resting and have enough sleep, I am good now and felt better. I am done with my loads of laundry too. And I am back to online chores. Thank God, that I am better now. Indeed, when we are so tired, it is right to get some rest because our body needs it. We are the driver of our body, let’s not overuse it. We only have one body so we must take good care of it. For there is no replacement when our body becomes weak and not in good condition. When we need to rest we must rest. Now that I felt better, I hope to get my online chores done and will update my blogs regularly. Giving my readers and visitors new post as much as possible.

Thanks God It’s Saturday

Because of the bad weather, I am not feeling really well. I have carried it for days. I can’t rest because of the kids, plus I have to send and fetch the four years old nephew at the school. Since their nanny left, I babysit them while the sister is looking for a new nanny. They have been looking for three months now and still haven’t found one. I do hope that they will find one soon so I won’t get very tired. Taking care of two and four years old kids is not that easy especially the two years old.

Anyways, I have waited for this day this week because I get to rest and sleep for hours. Saturday is my rest day. The sister’s rest day too. I do not need to take care of her kids because she is here. I am really glad it’s Saturday because I need to rest and sleep more hours to regain my strength and energy due to flu. Flu is killing me. I hate being sick that is why I am taking good care of my body, however this bad weather is giving me flu. I hope that I get better soon because nanny job will resume on Monday.

Goodbye Flu…woohoo

I am not feeling well after the New Year celebration. I am affected by the sudden changes of weather. No matter how careful I am still I am affected by flu. I do not have a good day on the first day of 2012 because of the flu. I was not able to go to the beach with my cousins because I am not feel really well. I keep on coughing and sneezing. Smiley I stayed at home and get some more rest to feel better even just a little. I take medicines and drink lots of warm water. Drinking lots of warm water helps me to breathe normally. I am having a hard time breathing because I also have runny nose.arghs!

After taking the medicines and drinking lots of water, I am fine now and have the energy to blog again. For the past days I was not able to update all my blogs because I am not feeling really well. Now that I am okay, I am back to blogging and will be constantly updating my blog. I have lots of updates to do and by looking at all my blogs, I feel sick. However, it is fine with me because my blogs deserves more love from your truly. Goodbye flu and don’t you dare come back again. The weather is not so good still and I hope no flu will come to attack me. I have Vitamin C with me and water to keep me safe.



Sick after the new year celebration

The weather is not so good last December 31, 2011. The city was experiencing scattered rain showers. The weather is so gloomy when I went to the nearest supermarket to buy something. Because I was in a hurry, I forget to bring my umbrella with me. It was a bit raining when I go out from the supermarket. I just walk under the rain to ride in the public vehicle to go home early before the rain pours very heavy. I was glad that the rain did not pour heavy. The family celebrates the New Year very happy. We were dancing, singing, eating and laughing. Smiley

Because I walked under the rain, the following morning I woke up with a flu. Smiley It is so unfortunate because I am sick on the first day of 2012. If could just bring my umbrella with me, I would not be walking under the rain. I am drinking lots of water and medicines already but the flu is still bothering me. I wish this flu will gone before my birthday. I do not want to be sick on my birthday. The cough and runny nose is really a bother to me. I so wish this will be gone soon. I was so happy celebrating the new year but sick on the first day. Smiley