Looking Back….

While I taking my father a bath this morning, memory comes back when I saw my father doing the same thing to my sickly mother. I was only nine years old when my mother got very sick. I cannot help my sickly mother because I am too young to do it. I am thinking if my mother will still alive I can take good care of her when she is in need. I miss my mother so much every time I saw mothers with their kids.

I saw my mother before in a worse condition, all I can do it to watch her and cry seeing her in pain. I felt so sorry for my mother because my sister and me are too young to take good care of her. It is my cousin who takes good care of my mother. While sitting, I am looking back from our life before. It is still fresh in my mind the condition of my mother before. And looking at my father now, nothing is different. They both need our help, care and our love. If only I could turn back the time, I will take care of my mother like I did to my father. I didn’t give the chance to do it because I was too young. I am taking good care of my father the past week, and every time I touch him I always remember my mother and I always think that I am doing the same thing to my mother.

Today is one of the special days in the family because it is the birthday of my father. He is celebrating his 64th blissful years. Though he is not the perfect father, for us he is the best because he raises us alone. My mother died when I was nine years old. My father has the attitude that sometimes we cannot take.shhhh Even though, we still love him because he raise us up with values and we respect him with all our hearts. Nothing more we could ask for because God gave him to us for a good reason.

I thank God giving us the caring, loving and responsible father. If I were to be born again, I will still pick him as my father because of the way he raise me. Raising us alone is never easy and my father did a good job on that. Happy birthday to you Papa, I wish you good health, pray for longer life and happiness always. This is my thankful story to share this week.

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