Coffee maker for my father

I was helping the sister in cleaning her house when I saw her coffee maker. I asked her if she is still using it and said she didn’t use it anymore. Some parts of the coffee maker is not working anymore that is why the sister stuck it inside the drawer. My father is a coffee drinker and I wanted to buy him coffee maker but I do not have extra yet. Since the sister is no longer using her coffee maker, I asked him to give it to me and I will buy bunn replacement parts so that the father can use it. I do have not need to buy coffee maker for my father because the sister gave it to me her old coffee maker. Thanks to my dearest sister.

Should I be thankful or get hurt?

I remember 10 months ago, when I carried my father to the bathroom because he cannot stand on his own. His knee is swelling. I can tell that he is in pain. And seeing him like that makes me sad. Since my brothers and sister are working, I am the one who will attend the father. But the siblings do help me at night. I can’t forget the back pain I had, after carrying my father. It was never in my dream that I can carry my father to the bathroom. But I did able to carry him using the chair. The memory is still fresh in my mind, when the father told me that he is thankful that I am plus size because if not I won’t be able to carry him. Though there are possibilities since the father is very sickly as he getting old, I so wish that experienced won’t occur again.

My fear comes back because the father now is sick again. He cannot walk and stand on his own. I have to assist him to get up and eat. My goodness, the father is getting heavier. I wish the brother is here to help me, because I am having some hard time carrying the father because my back is aching. Guess the father is too heavy for me. Once again, the father is thankful of my plus size. I do not know if I should be thankful for what the father said or get hurt. Haha! Funny but it is true, because I am doing my hardest to lose weight, but seems like no effect at all to my father.

Teaching her how to pray the rosary

The father used to pray the rosary everyday. The sister and I used to go with him then. But stopped for sometime now because he gets very sickly. Just recently, the father decided to pray again the rosary. He has done it alone for a month until he decided to teach the seven years old niece to pray with him. He gave to the niece the copy of how to pray the rosary and the responses. Good thing the niece already memorized the Our Father, Hail Mary and Holy Mary. It is easy for the father to teach the grand-daughter. Now, the father’s partner in praying the rosary is his grand-daughter who is seven years old.

Since the niece is schooling in the morning, they do the rosary when he niece arrives from school. The father tried to convince the nine years old niece but she does not want to. Seeing them praying together, reminds me of the days where the father, sister and I used to pray the rosary. I am happy though that the niece loves to do it. She sometimes told the father to start the rosary the moment she enters the door. wink* I wish to pray with them one of these days but I cannot concentrate because of the two little fellas who keeps me busy. I hope one day I will join them kneel and pray the holy rosary.

His 65th Birthday


April 7, 2012 is the birthday of my dearest Papa. He turns 65 years old. It falls on the holy week that is why we did not able to celebrate on that day. Even though, we greeted him happy birthday and wishing him good health and more birthdays to come. My Papa is getting older, stubborn and irritated. Things that I do not understand sometimes that is why we clashed. I know I have to extend my patience because my father is getting older, but it is hard because he does things that is too difficult for me to comprehend. Sometimes the question ‘ Can I choose a father?’ comes into my mind. It is not good I know but anger brought me in that situation.

The cake is my surprise gift for him on his special day. I do not know if he is speechless or what because I haven’t heard any comment from him when I handed it to him. Mind you, this is the first time that I bought a cake for my father’s birthday. I am so grateful to God for giving me blessings in my blogging career. I never thought I would be able to buy cake for my father. It is simple but it comes from the bottom of my heart and wallet. haha!

Some of my blogging friends knows something about him. To those who hasn’t, allow me to introduce to you my dearest father, my bodyguard, my friend, my enemy, the reason I am alive till now and the reason I am here writing and sharing some thoughts. Happy Birthday Papa and I wish you good health and long life.

Happy Father’s Day

Today, the whole world is celebrating father’s day. The days were the whole world is giving recognition to all the fathers out there for the job well done. It is that day where children of the world saying thank you to their one and only father who have raise them and give them decent life. Though not all are fortunate enough to have a father who gives them the kind of life they are dreaming of, but the thought of the sacrifices their father is going through is more than enough to give those hugs and love on their very special day.

In the past weeks, my family is not in good terms because of some issues. I am happy that we are better now and trying to understand each other especially my father who is a bit old and lost temper sometimes. On this father’s day, we greeted my father a very happy father’s day and say thank you for raising us with values and respects. Happy father’s day father and God bless you more.