The first examination result went well

The first examination of my four-year-old nephew is very stressful. The pointers are very long and we are having the difficult time teaching him because he is very playful, does not listening to us and keeps on moving here and there. He gets easily distracted with noise and kids playing outside. Though we are not pressuring him because he is just started, it is right to study his lessons so he can answer their test papers correctly. The examination took two days and two subjects per day. We are giving him activities during our study sessions and he likes doing it. He is cooperating doing his activities.

The result was given to us last Monday. We are not expecting for good results because the nephew is very slow in memorizing the lessons and easily forgets what we studied. But we are glad to see the results of his first grading examination he gets high scores. I must say it went very well. He got the perfect score in one of the subjects and I am so proud of the nephew. It is a long way to go and I hope the nephew will continue doing good so he will be ready for Kinder 2 next year. Hopefully, he will pass the entrance examination for Kinder 2 next school year.

Hopefully he will passed

The nephew is done taking the two sets of examination for Kinder 2 in the school where his mom wants him to study. The nephew can now breath and relax after the thorough study in reading, writing, and in math subject. It was like a nightmare for him because he is not allowed to go out and play, no television for the mean time for him to focus and concentrate. I felt sorry for the nephew but this is for his own good, once he passed and will be able to get in, no more pressure like this. In all fairness, the nephew understands the reason why his mom has to do it.

I was the one accompanying the nephew to his last day of examination last week. Honestly, I was so nervous and negative thoughts came in my mind. But when I saw the nephew coming out from the examination room smiling, I feel relieved. I guess the nephew is doing well. The teacher gave us the results of his examination and it is good. The final listings of the students who passed will be posted in the bulletin board this April. I am hoping and praying that the nephew passed the examination. All the effort and sacrifices will be paid off if the nephew passed. Only God really knows. Please God help my nephew. Amen!

Waiting for the examination result

Last Monday was the final examination for the DOST (Department of Science and Technology) scholarship that my niece is taking. She passed the first examination. The result of the final examination will come out in two weeks. We are praying that the niece pass because to be one of the DOST scholars has lots of privileged. Whatever the outcome is, we are still proud of her. We are not expecting anything at all because she did not study even if we always told her to study a little. We are panicking and she is not. How is that?LOL

Just like her aunt (my older sister), she believes in herself that she can answer the questioner well. Studying would make her stressed. She wants to enjoy than torturing herself. Very difficult attitude I must say. But on the case of my older sister, it is effective. I really do hope that luck is on my niece’s side. I asked her when she got home after the examination of how was it, she just answer me, “is it very difficult” but she is doing her best. Hopefully we will get positive result after two weeks. Good luck to my niece and we hope she will get the DOST scholarship!

Got 0 over 10

Last Friday was the week test of my nieces at school. Her mother wanted to teach her for her to get a highest score. While her mother is teaching, her eyes are looking outside to see other kids playing. I can see in her eyes that she wanted to play with them. Her body is present but her mind is absent. The mother got angry and close the door. But then she said to her mother that she knows everything already. No need to study because she knows already. Even the mother is insisted on studying her lessons, her being absents minded makes her mother to just leave her alone.

Today the result of their week examination was given to them by their teacher. It was a surprised because my niece got zero on English subject. Her parents are so angry especially her mother. The questions are so easy if she reviewed her lesson. Well, nothing we can do but to just remind the niece of what had happened. She learned her lesson and she got a punishment from her father. No more going outside and no more playing after school. I hope she learns her lesson and that she will do better next time and study her lessons.