Fixing the motorcycle

While the brother is trying to fix the motorcycle of the sister, the kids are bugging him. Always asking him what he is doing, picking up the tools, roaming around and other things. The brother cannot concentrate from what he is doing that is why he called me and says, get the kids inside the house. I took the kids and locked the door. But the kids are crying and banging the door. It is really noisy and so I open the door and let them play outside. I went out also to watch them play. I was looking at the kids when I noticed that the brother is looking for something. He was looking for the cotter pins. I don’t know what it looks like so I did not bother to help him. haha! I went my attention back to the kids who are busy playing when I saw something on the nephew’s hand. I moved closer and get the thin in his hands. Maybe it is the one that the brother is looking for. I took it and gave it to the brother. I am right, the cotter pins that the brother is looking for is at the nephew’s hand.

Happy Birthday to You

Just yesterday this stubborn younger brother of mine celebrates his 29th birthday. The family is waiting for him to arrive since he lives far from us. I am glad that he made it with his girlfriend. Yes, he decided to celebrates it with us. This is to cope up because last year, he was away from us. Though they did not last longer because they have to go back early for no one will attend to their store. Even though the celebration is very short, we did have a good time and enjoyed the foods on the table. Thanks to you and your gf for the wonderful birthday treat.

To my younger brother I wish you all the best in life, happiness in life and good health of course. I do pray for your success in life as well. As I have seen and noticed, you are happy and satisfied with your life right now. I do wish that this is for good and forever. May you have a good life together. Always remember that we will always be there for you anytime you needed someone to talk to and needs help. Though I cannot promise when it comes to money. haha! Anyways, happy birthday again and I wish you good luck and God bless!

Long hours of travel

Because we missed him so much, the sister decided to visit our younger who lives far away from us. Since the sister does have two motorcycle, we decided to just use it to get to the place of our brother. I am not used to riding on the motorcycle because I am so scared for the possible accidents. I have lots of negatives thought when it comes to riding on the motorcycle. But for my brother’s sake, I took the courage to ride on the motorcycle. It was a long travel and very scary for me because we have encounter trucks, buses, and many other vehicles. Plus the road is so slippery because it was raining when we went there.

I was like holding my breath because I am so scared. The very long travel was so stressful for me because I am not relax while riding. However, it was well paid off because we get to see our younger brother. We stayed there for 3 hours before deciding to go back home. We did have our wonderful chit-chats. It’s been a while when the last time we talk. Seeing him last Sunday makes me smile and feel relieved because I can see in his face that he is happy with his life and his decisions. We just wish him good luck and good health always.

The brother regretted it

Two nights ago I was having a conversation online with my brother. He left the house two months ago and no plans of getting back because he packed all his things. The conversation did not went well because the brother does not want to listen to any of us. Seems like his mind is already close for us. His mind is set for something that is beyond what he supposed to have. He had given up his job for not so good decision. The kind of decision that no matter how much we tried to understand it, it is too difficult to agree.

We do not want anything from him except his life to be in good condition, have stable decent job and hopefully will practice the course he finished. That is the point that we are trying to tell him. This is not for our own good but for himself to have a better job if ever he plans to get married. However, instead of listening the brother took our advises differently. He gets mad and even said that he regretted he went to school and finishes college. Mt goodness! He does not value the sacrifices that the father and my sister has to take for him to finish college. A very sad situation that the family is going through right now. I so wish that the brother will soon realized that we are have the point all along. I hope soon enough before it is too late. And also, he will realized that we are his family and we care.


More important thing

It was twice in the row that the buying of car for the family was not push through. First incident was when the buyer decided not to sell his car for family issues. Second, was when we minutes late. It was sold to other buyer who got interested of the said car. The family is sad but we have accepted that it is not meant for us to have. I am really puzzled why when we are about to buy the car there is something happens that prevent us from buying the car. To be honest, I even asked God why those things happen. I know that it is not appropriate to ask God but out of curiosity I asked Him and I am so sorry for what I did.

Two months later, God answer was revealed. The family encountered a very serious matter. My brother was rushed to the hospital because he has difficulties in breathing. He was confined in the hospital for four days. And because of his serious condition, the money that is allotted was being used. The family is sad however, we thought that life is more important above all. We can earn the money back, but when life is gone we cannot bring it back to life. I know now the reason and I thank for He is always in the middle to prevent us from buying car because the brother will need the money most.