Remembering his 33rd birthday

He was only 4 years old when he died. I do not understand then of what is the cause of his death. He is a bubbly brother, always smiles, and loves to play a lot. That is how I remember my younger brother. We did not spend more time playing because I usually play with my sister and him with our older brothers. I regret those times because we do not have much memories to remember because we are still very young. His death is very painful to my late mother because he is so young and a mama’s boy. The brother being sick gives pain to my late mother. I remember my mother cried looking at him and on the day he died.

Anyways, even if he died almost three decade ago, we still remember him, and his birthday. This month is his birth month. If he is alive, he is 33 years old by now and probably married because he is a cutie in the family. This month we remember his 33rd birthday. Sadly, we did not able to visit his grave because it was gone long time ago. We did not able to locate him anymore. He was buried in the province where we live before. We tried our best to locate him but did not able to. Even though, we still remembers him and he will always be in our heart. To my younger brother, wherever you are right now, happy birthday, and please know that you are always in our hearts. I thank God for giving you to us even if the time is short.

Because the cook is not feeling well

My brother used to work away from the city. He opted to work far because the father and he are not in good terms. They are not fighting or arguing, just that the brother does not want to stay closer to my father. He does not like that idea of telling him what to do and telling him that he is wrong. That is why he is trying his hardest to find a job outside the city. Luckily, he finds one and working there for almost three years. He earns good on the job he has, however, there is one problem one of his colleague is envious. He does not want misunderstanding and so he left his job and back to us.

Since he does not have a job, he is the one who is in-charge at the kitchen. Good thing because sometime I am not in the mood to cook. Things went well, unto the brother got sick. It is so sad because the cooking responsibility goes back to me. I felt sorry for the condition of my brother and I pray that he gets well soon. He is still under medication right now and hopefully we get to see some development on his condition. The cook in the family is sick that is why I am back to reign in the kitchen. I love to cook just that because the cook is sick, it added more job to me. My days are tiring of course but no one will take good care of him since he is still single. Get well soon brother and take good care of yourself from now on.

Case for his guitar

The brother bought his old guitar three years ago. It has free case when he bought it; however, the case needs to be replaced because it has holes in some areas. It is made of fabric that is why it did not last longer. The brother now is thinking of buying a case of good quality so it will last longer. He likes the Tkl Cases from musicians friend. The case is really nice and you can make sure your guitar is protected because of the material and the kind of case it is. The brother does want a case to put his guitar and a case that he makes sure his guitar is safe. If you are looking for a case for your guitar, try the one that my brother wants to have for his guitar.

Accepts the job through recommendation

As much as possible my older brother does not want to do a construction job. It is because of his condition. He was advised by his doctor not to get too tired. However, he do accepts light construction job like welding and electrical wiring. Right now, he was hired to do the window grills of a boarding house. He was recommended by a friend, so he accepts the job since it will only last for three weeks. Every time he arrives home from work, I always rummage his bag to get the lunch box and dirty clothes. One day, while I was rummaging his bag, I saw some clevis pins in one of the pockets. Even though I do not have any idea how to use it, still I took some and put it in the box. Maybe time will come that I will need this clevis pins.

The easy way

I always see my brother every time he opens a bottle; he uses spoon, nail or bite the cover to open the bottle. The brother is doing it even now for he is used to it. Although I am used of the brother doing it, I feel hurt when he opens it using his teeth. It made me decide to buy a bottle opener since the brother drinks beer thrice a week. I like the designs and the color that the sinf custom bottle openers has. It is not only a bottle opener but can be a nice key chain too. I can bring it anywhere. So when we go on picnic, it would be so easy to open the bottle. The brother will no longer be using spoon, nail or his teeth in opening the bottle.