Wanted to settle down

Lately, my older brother is so open about his relationship. Although we have not meet the girl yet, based on his description, we can tell that the girl is nice. We are eager to meet her that is why I told the brother to bring his girlfriend at home for us to know her better and vice versa. The long wait is over because last Sunday, the brother brought his girlfriend at home. They told us that they are planning to settle down next year. I am so happy and excited for them. The will start planning and preparing for the big event. I wanted to help them and so I told the brother to try to look at Joy Jewelers platinum wedding band. It is not so expensive and of good quality. Perfect for their budget.

Brought a girl at home for the first time

The second eldest brother is not getting any younger. We always tease him to get married before it is too late. Even though we do not know if he has girlfriend or not, we still tease him. Well, it pisses him off but he just laugh at us because he is getting used to it. In a way we are pressuring him, I am not one of those who pressured him because other member of the family pressured me too. Seems like they do not know that getting married is a serious matter. We have to wait for the perfect time and person so we live happily every after.haha!

Anyways, I guess the teasing will be over because yesterday the brother brought a girl at home for the first time. He introduced her to the family as his girlfriend. The teasers mouth are shut up. I am so happy for my brother because he finally found the one he loves. I just hope and pray that their relationship will lead to another level, the marriage level. Looks like I will be the one who will get all the tease in the coming days. I have to prepare myself for this.haha!

I need to find one. Is there anyone available here??? LOL

His 32nd Birthday

 photo GEDC0696_zps1b8kouhq.jpgTomorrow is the 32nd birthday of the youngest siblings in the family. His wife wanted to surprise him on his special day. She coordinated with me about her plans. It was so sweet of her to think of a surprise birthday celebration of her husband. They live far from us and it is impossible for us to go there and celebrate with him because it is very costly. However, his beloved wife gave us money so we go and surprise him. Last Sunday was the celebration because we can’t go on working days. We are glad to see him so happy. We missed him very much.

Anyways, on his 32nd birthday I wish him all the best in life, good health, happy life, success on his business. more blessings from above and long life. We may that there with him when he has problems because he lives very far from us, I wanted him to know that he can always count on us. He can visit us anytime and we will always there for him. I am glad that my brother is so strong to overcome the trials and difficulties that comes his way. We also pray that whatever decision he makes, we will always support and pray for him. Happy birthday brother and God bless you always!

Brokenhearted but fine

My brother is in a relationship for almost a year. He met the girl in his city where he is presently working. We have heard so much good things about her through my brother. We have not meet her for real yet. We were excited to meet her personally but our excitement killed because she go back home to her province. Maybe it is not the time yet to meet her. The brother told us that he will be going to his girlfriend’s province to finally meet her family and ask for permission to marry her. We thought that all is doing well.

The brother did not stay long in her province because of his job. They agreed that the girl will be back in the city in a month. We thought that everything went well. We keep on asking the brother of when will be his girlfriend arrived because we are so eager to meet her. Unfortunately, the girl did not contacted him. She is like gone with the wind. I felt so sorry for my brother. I guess that the girl is not sincere or not ready yet to enter in the married life. Yes, my brother is brokenhearted but fine because we comforted him and talk to him that every thing will be all right and he will meet the right girl for him.

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Today marks the 2nd wedding anniversary of my younger brother and his wife. We are happy that they are still together after all the trials and difficulties they have met in their first year of marriage. Yes, their marriage is not perfect because of the kind of trials that come their way but by the power of the love they have for each other, they overcome it. They commit mistakes, asking forgiveness and decided to start over again. Their marriage life was not an easy road to travel but they slowly coping it up. And we are so happy for them.

On their 2nd year of being together, I wish them all the best and happiness in life. I wish that they will be more prayerful and always put God in the center of their marriage so that when trials and difficulties knocks on their door, they are strength to fight back and cut those things that will try to ruined their happy married life. Too bad they live far from us, we can’t celebrate with them and can’t greet them personally. Even though, we are sending them message with our greetings and wish. I also wish that no more tears, quarrels and fighting. Happy Wedding Anniversary brother and SIL. God bless your marriage always!