Because they get bored easily

Since I worked at home I seldom go out. My life evolves by doing house hold chores, taking care of my siblings kids, and doing my stuffs online. This is the reasons why I do not have time to go out and unwind. My vacant day is Sunday only, but I prefer to stay at home and relax. Sometimes I want to go out and unwind, however, I cannot do it without thinking who will take good care of the kids. One Saturday, I am in the mood to go out and spend the day with the kids at the mall. I seldom treat them so I told my sister about it. I am glad that she agreed. We went to the mall and bring the kids to the playhouse that they wanted to go. While the sister and I do the window shopping. It’s been a while since the last time we did window shopping.

After an hour, we go back to the playhouse and get the kids. The treat would not be complete without treating them to our favorite Chinese restaurant called Mandarin. We went there and ordered our favorite foods. The waitress said that we have to wait for 20-30 minutes for the food to served. The kids started to get bored and very noisy. We tried to divert their attention to other things but still they want to move out of the high chair. To avoid them from creating noise in the restaurant, the sister give to the nephew the spoon to play. Glad that they sit still.whew! It is not easy to keep the kids quiet and stay still because they get bored easily.

Having some fun

One thing that I want to see about my two nephews is for them to become friends, not fighting and not hitting each other. I want them to be best buddies that is why I keep on telling them to love each other. They do follow me when I say kiss and hug each other. I can tell that my nephews are very loving kids. They sometimes surprised me by kissing and hugging me. They both made me smile always. I am so lucky because I get to see them growing and see their development each day. One morning after taking them a bath, I let them play in the living room while I am busy with my online stuffs. I heard them smiling and having fun. I hurriedly get my camera because I want to capture this moment of them having fun.

The images above are my two nephews. Ronj said that Jc is riding a horse. So, I supposed he is the horse. It is so cute to see them playing and do the bonding. I wish that they will be best buddies till they gets older. They may be fighting at times, but it is part of them growing up. Fighting I guess is like a spices of their friendship. I love you both Ronj and Jc.


Make your weekend and adventurous one

After the stressful day at work, we all deserved a break to unwind and have some time to relax. Because of the busy schedule at work, parents often forgot to spend time with the family especially the kids. The kids need the attention of their parents as well as their guidance. So to make it up them, it is best to treat the kids to an adventurous bonding this weekend. And the best place to visit is Canada. The country is celebrating the Canada day. It definitely would make your weekend an adventurous one. There are lots of things to do during this day that the kids would love. I am pretty sure that the stressful life at work will vanished because the country has lots to offer for everybody to enjoy. So, make a plan now and bring the whole family to enjoy this weekend.